5 Treats We’d Rather Get for Easter Than Chocolate

Nothing is coming between me and those Mini Eggs that I’ve been consuming by the 5lb-bag for the last month, but now that we’ve outgrown that sugar-laden chocolate addiction (or maybe we haven’t¦. no judgment) of our childhood years, wouldn’t it be awesome to receive something a little more¦ grown-up¦ in our Easter egg hunts? So we’ve recommended some more adult (and calorie-wise) treasures to incorporate into your annual search this year”even if you’re just doing it for yourself.

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Bath products


This LUSH Golden Egg Bath Melt Bomb ($9) look and smell good enough to eat”and they’re probably the best calorie-wise alternative you can get. The caramel and toffee-scented eggs are give off a sweet and delectable scent while making your bath fizzy and bubbly and are made with fair trade organic cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling soft too. 

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