5 Summer Skin Care Products You Need

We were way too comfy with our winter and spring skin care routines but with the warmer weather finally on the horizon, it’s time to toss that routine out the window and switch to something more suitable to the season.

Keep reading to find out which beauty products you absolutely need to add to your beauty routine this season.

1. Lighter Moisturizer

Dry, cracked skin is our biggest fear in wintertime, so we usually opt for the thickest hydrating cream we can find. But with the warmer weather here, it’s time to nix those heavy creams and replace both day and night creams, with lighter ones. No need for intense hydration when the warmer weather and natural humidity come in to moisten things up. If you stick to a cream that’s too heavy, you’re likely to get stuck with oily skin this spring and summer.

2. Mattifying Powder

No matter what we do, sometimes, oily skin just won’t go away. In spring and summer, this can get worse and worse. To keep your skin looking flawless and your makeup from melting away as the day goes on, a mattifying powder will be your very best friend. It can keep your skin free of oil for hours so your makeup will last all day and all night.

3. Serum

Though it’s important to tone down the level of hydration, serums should still be a part of your routine. In fact, they are essential to it. A serum will allow your moisturizer to penetrate the skin better and keep it adequately hydrated all day long. It doesn’t add extra moisture, as many people think. It will actually help keep the skin’s pH balanced all day long, preventing it from getting to dry or too greasy.

4. Exfoliate

Don’t throw away that exfoliate just yet! Your skin still needs to get a good scrub every now and then in spring. Once or twice a week, it’s a good idea to exfoliate to help remove dead skin cells and allow your more radiant skin to shine through. Don’t think that oilier skin doesn’t require a scrub because it absolutely does. This will help keep your skin balanced, and your level of hydration appropriate.

5. SPF

We recommend that you wear SPF on your face all year ‘round but we know some of you cheat and skip on it in the winter months. If you’re going to put one product into your routine forever, it should be SPF. This is the number one way to prevent premature wrinkles and age spots. The sun may not feel too warm in spring, but trust us, UV rays are a constant threat and you need to keep that skin protected at all times. And remember to apply SPF to your neck and dé©colleté© as well.

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