5 Of Our Favourite Lancé´me Products Ever

Here at 29Secrets, when we find beauty products that we love, we generally don’t need an excuse stock up for the zombie apocalypse, but, just in time for the gift-giving season, The Bay is giving us the best reason to. This year you can hoard your favourite Lancé´me beauty products (or maybe pick up something for your bestie’s stocking) because any Lancé´me purchase over $36 at The Bay will give you even more of the brand’s goodies to enjoy. Here are some of the products we just won’t let ourselves run out of.

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Lancé´me Advanced Gé©nifique ($129)


We’re huge proponents of regular skincare routines, especially if it means nipping visible signs of aging before they even begin. One product that’s stopping fine lines, dull skin and an uneven complexion in their tracks? Lancé´me’s Advanced Gé©nifique serum, which hits 10 visible (and tactile) aging concerns so that your skin looks (and feels) younger for longer.

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