5 Must-Have Lip Balms You Need Right Now

Lip balms. We use them year round, in the morning, before bed, after a workout, under your lipstick, pre make-out session…but come on. Your balms don’t have to be the ugly sister rattling around next to your five glosses and six lipsticks in your purse. Certainly not with these beauties that can do everything from moisturize your lips, put a shine on your pout and add a hint of colour to your kiss. Use just one or choose all of them, you can never go wrong when you’ve got a good balm.

The best sleep tight overnight balm: Bite Beauty Nighttime Agave+ Lip Therapy
Night time is always the right time to coat your lips in a protective, healing, hydrating and restoring shield of balm. And this lippie doesn’t disappoint. Made from the same plant we give thanks to for it’s tequila, this baby is all about the healing and hydrating powers you need while you get your zzzs. Agave nectar soothes and nurtures, pomegranate extract provides antioxidant (a.k.a: youth-inducing) benefits, while jojoba, sunflower and safflower oils seal in moisture.
$28, available at Sephora.

The best super fruity lip smoother: Blistex Superfruit Soother
If you spend hours seesawing between the gym, the office, outside and home, there’s a pretty good chance your lips take an environmental beating from being hot and sweaty and cold and dry. Especially if you’re a mouth breather or a lip licker and know, there’s no shame in either. This soothing balm contains SPF 15 to protect you from the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays, along with vitamins C and E courtesy of cloud berry and acai berries and a hint of soothing mint.
From $2.98, available at drug stores.

The best pucker up and kiss: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Kiss’r Luscious Lip Balm
Wanna make out? Who doesn’t. Take a cue from Zac Efron and Sarah Bro (on the streets of NYC), Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabelo (in a Miami pool), and Jeezy and Jeannie Mai (at the SnoBall Gala), and make your PDAs worth it. Rich with non-greasy shea and mango butters this lightweight balm glides on easily and lasts until you come up for air.
$24, available at Sephora.

The best range of fun colours: L’Occitane Delicious Tinted Balm in Gimme Mauve, Pink Callison, Grenadine in Love and Romantic Carrot
Who said your lip balm had to be a plain Jane?! So not true when you consider the purple, pink, red and tangerine hues of L’Occitane’s line up of tinted balms. Spoiler alert: they smell just as good as they feel and look. Plus their creamy texture eases onto your lips with just one swipe of whichever shade you choose thanks to it’s blend of carrot vegetable oil’s softening properties and vitamin E’s antioxidant protection.
$29 each, available online at www.loccitane.com.

The best multi-purpose balm: Scentuals Lip & Cheek Tint
Okay, sure, you may want to get hung up on the fact that this balm is a do-all for your lips and your cheeks, but don’t. Just count your blessings instead. With four fab colours, Passion (red), Sultry (cinnamon), Flirt (pink) and Bombshell (burgundy), you can add a pop of colour to your mouth (and your cheeks), in five seconds, while appreciating the balms’ shea and cocoa butter’s feel-good effects. They’re all paraben, petroleum and gluten-free too, so you know you’ll be doing your lip service the right way.
$9.95 each, online at www.scentuals.com.

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