5 Celeb-Inspired Festival Beauty Styles to Steal

Festival season is a great time to release your inner creativity. You have the green light to experiment with all things you find beautiful. During festival season the world is your oyster. If you’re a festival-goer than each and every year you look for inspiration, anything that will set you apart from the (very) big crowd. Here are five celebrity inspired looks that will keep you looking trendy and beautiful throughout any festival that you choose to go to.

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1. ’70s makeup

kendall dvf

Enter bright eyeliners and shadows.  They’ve been waiting in the wings for a comeback and the 2016 festival circuit is offering them just that. This year the punchier the pink and blue, the better. We saw it on Kendall Jenner during her the DVF fashion show and we loved every minute of it. If you really want to grab attention repurpose the multi-coloured eye liners and create coloured freckles or any other unique design of your own (and some flowers in your hair couldn’t hurt, either). 

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