5 Best Eye Makeup Removers Ever

Those dark circles under your eyes? They could very well just be mascara and eyeliner that you didn’t properly remove. If you’ve been living without eye makeup remover, you’ve been living all wrong! Find out why these five products are on this beauty writer’s wish list.

1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O $22

Available at Pharmaprix / Shopper’s Drug Mart and Murale stores, this makeup remover is a guaranteed hit. It not only removes makeup, but gets that dirt sitting in the pores right out. It’s so complete that you won’t even need to wash your face afterward. This little gem is a cleanser, as well. 

2. Marcelle Essentials Gentle Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes ($14.50)

For gals with super sensitive eyes, you’ll love this product. If a little accidentally gets into your eyes, it won’t sting one bit. Even though it’s gentle on the eyes, it’s harsh on makeup, wiping it off leaving behind so much as a trace of it. You can find this product in most pharmacies across Canada. 

3. Yves Rocher Hydrating Cleansing Milk ($8.50)

This makeup remover is great for anyone with dry skin in winter. In addition to removing the day’s makeup, it adds some extra moisture to keep the skin from drying out too much after cleansing.

4. Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips ($18)

Specifically designed to remove thick mascara and that trendy burgundy lip colour, this product is ideal for anyone with problematic skin. With its hypoallergenic formula, it’ll cleanse your skin without the risk of causing an unwanted breakout. 

5. Lancé´me BI-FACIL Double Action Eye Makeup Remover ($27)

A highly-covetable product that has experience to back it up, this makeup remover is often used by pros. It has a super fresh feel and won’t leave an oily residue behind. Plus, it’s ophthalmologist-tested, making it ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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