3 Sweat-Nixing Beauty Products to Beat the Heat

From hitting the gym to, well, just walking down the street, the hot summer months are definitely sweaty ones, too. And while you don’t always have time to work in a second (or third) shower throughout the day, there are some handy little products to ditch that unwanted glow while you’re on-the-go.

dove dry spray

Dove Dry Spray Cool Essentials Anti-perspirant ($6, available at mass drugstores nationwide) isn’t your average spray-on anti-perspirant. For starters, it’s a dry spray–think a dry shampoo for your underarms–it goes on completely dry and feels more like a refreshing breath of air more than anything. But Dove is sneaky and has formulated this miracle spray with the brand’s signature moisturizers so it’s soft on your skin, while ditching sweat, giving you a quick cool-down and leaving you residue-free. Use in the morning as usual and then carry in your purse for those extra-hot days and you’ve got a quick pick-me-up.

benefit-porefessional-license-to-blot-stick - Copy

Benefit The POREfessional Licence to Blot ($26, sephora.com) is like a pack of blotting papers, but in one handy, easy-to-use stick. Perfect for in-between meetings touch-ups (or if you went for a coffee walk and it was especially sweltering), this blotting stick can be used under or over top of makeup and instantly mattifies and blurs imperfections, sweaty or otherwise. And with a formula that lasts up to six hours, you might just be able to make it through the rest of your day without dunking your head under the communal kitchen tap to cool off.

amika dry shampoo - Copy

We all know that dry shampoo is a beauty staple, no matter what the weather looks like, but as the temperatures rise, finding a good dry shampoo is more important than ever. Between the frizz-inducing temps and, well, your sweat, your blowout is probably not looking its best (don’t worry, mine isn’t either). And when the weather is that gorgeous, who wants to spend extra time inside under a hot blowdryer when they could be outside enjoying the day (or catching a couple extra z’s–no judgement)? Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo ($27, sephora.com) ditches any signs of sweat, grease or product buildup so you can keep your stretch your style for a couple more days, whether you’re hiding that gym-visit mop or just battling the scorching temps.

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