3 New Ways to Wear the Ponytail

Ponytails aren’t just for bad hair days or playing sports. This timeless style is a great way to jazz up just about any look. Here are three ways to pony up.

Pony #1: Side-swept

A side-swept ponytail can be elegant or casual depending on your choice of accessories. Side swept ponies work best on second day washed hair; putting hair into a ponytail directly after a fresh blowdry will leave it prone to breakage from the tight elastics. Usually by the next day your hair has had time to develop its natural protective oils.

Step 1: Brush hair thoroughly and gather behind one ear. Secure in place with an elastic.
Step 2: Run your fingers lightly over your hair in the direction of the ponytail base to make sure there are no major lumps.
Step 3: Curl for a flirty look or keep straight for a sleek look. Spritz hairspray lightly over to maintain unruly hair.
Step 4: For a finishing touch, wrap the elastic with a ribbon or add a bejeweled band.

Pony #2: Twist-tie

Lauren Conrad exemplifies this look time and time again. In fact, she is the inspiration behind this cute and flirty style. Whether it’s brunch with family, or a friend’s birthday celebration, this pony easily carries over. To get this look all you need are some bobby pins and a little hairspray.

Step 1: Part your hair down the centre and separate hair into two front sections.
Step 2: Loosely twist and pull the two sections to the back of your head. Secure with bobby pins then spray to hold in place.
Step 3: Gather the rest of hair into a low pony or bun and secure in place.

Pony #3: Half-and-half

This look is both sweet and sexy at the same time. It gets the hair off your face while still showing off your gorgeous locks. Whatever the mood, the half-up-half-down pony is a staple style.

Step 1: Part hair from ear-to-ear into a top and bottom section. Secure top section with an elastic.
Step 2: Take a fine-tooth comb and gently tease hair at the crown for added volume.
Step 4: You can choose to loosely curl sections to create a soft wave, or leave as-is for a more dramatic look.
Step 5: For a finishing touch, wrap a ribbon or a strip of fabric around hair and fasten with a bobby pin.

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