Why Not to Fear Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming, and you’re single: so who cares? Sure, we’ve been told that the Hallmark holiday means something only to those coupled off, but since the day’s about love and its all-encompassing glory, why not use it to spend with the people you love most and to high five about the good things related to being single, Valentine’s Day and the discounted chocolate that happens as of February 15. Here’s our list of why single girls need not fear February 14, so feel free to copy it word for word and distribute it to the haters.

All aboard the friend ship
For one day out of the year, we’re programmed to forget that our friends love us and that we have even more fun with them than we do submerged in the dating pool. So why not reclaim the day for our own? Sure, couples are off sending roses and spending money, but nothing beats getting the gang together for an old-fashioned movie marathon fuelled by the most fattening and delicious foods on earth. Besides, if your coupled friends are buying into the idea of Valentine’s Day, they’ll likely swoop in regardless: after all, nothing says I overpaid for dinner like a bulk bag of candy hearts.

Precious freedom
Relationships shouldn’t be devalued, but when it comes to metaphorically whipping your hair, nothing says freedom like being tied down only to a lease. True, the best relationships are built on partnerships, but if you’re at the point where you want to pick up and travel, go out or even spend the night eating pizza in bed watching television on your own, why answer to anybody else? Maybe you want to get out of town for the weekend “ or you want to take on a couple extra projects at work. This is the part where you make last minute plans for February 14 and no apologies.

Chocolate, candy and deliciousness
Right, so junk food isn’t reserved solely for the single population, but if you’re one half of a couple totally sold on oversize teddy bears and heart-patterned everything, this is the part where we reclaim Hershey’s Kisses. Valentine’s Day was formerly reserved for classroom parties and sugar cookies, so let’s bring it back to an atmosphere of calorie-fuelled bliss as opposed to the sinkhole of self-pity. So without further adieu, cheers your cups of hot chocolate and treat yourself to a viewing of Superbad. 

Anything negative associated with couples
Again, if you’re part of a partnership built on the best possible qualities, we tip our hats and applaud you. But if you’re a single person who’s been on the receiving end of what do you mean you’re single? and/or we’ll find you someone, Valentine’s is the day you get to say, I told you so.Why? Because 364 days of the year, you don’t have to deal with Sex and the City-style problems: you’re on your own agenda, and when you find yourself in a relationship, you can rest assured that you didn’t buy into the wrong reasons for enjoying Valentine’s Day. (Now pass me the red and pink jellybeans.)

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