Time to Shape Up! Nike’s Free NTC Fitness Classes Hit the Streets of Toronto

Nike’s free fitness classes, the Nike Training Club, will give you a full body workout

The thought of getting up at the crack of dawn to head to the gym and work up a sweat is enough to make the most devoted, fitness focused female want to hit the snooze button on her alarm clock. However, one company is making early morning wake ups and workouts the ˜in’ thing to do by encouraging women to sweat while others sleep. Athletic wear giant, Nike has recently launched a new six week morning program of live Nike Training Club (NTC) classes within the City of Toronto where women can get a full body work for free. Yes, you read that right “ free!

The live NTC classes are part of Nike’s commitment to encourage and empower women to live a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as create a community where they feel empowered and strong both in the mind and body. The classes are derived from Nike+ Training Club mobile app, which allows users to get a full body workout by providing customized training programs, designed by Nike Master Trainers and pro-athletes, whether you 15 or 45 minutes to spare.

The announcement of these new live NTC classes were herald in at a recent event that brought together nine of Nike’s Master Trainers from across North America. They led a group of women from across the city in an intense pre-dawn exercise that included squats, lunges, push-ups and partner workout.


For almost two years, NTC live classes have been held at the Academy of Lions in Toronto’s west end. Now, with four additional early morning classes held throughout the city’s neighbourhoods, such as the Annex and St. Lawrence, you and your BFF have the chance to rise and shine, and get the best workout of your life at no cost. The classes are 45 minutes in length combining gym and studio exercises which will turn any lady into a lean, mean fitness machine “ look out Arnold Schwarzenegger! By the end you all will be sweaty but extremely happy that you came and conquered these classes together.

The new classes are being held at the following locations: the AGO, the Thompson Hotel, St. James Cathedral Centre and the Burroughes. Canada’s only Nike Master Trainer and fitness guru, Eva Redpath is leading the charge while NTC trainers “ Jennifer Thompson, Pauluna Santamaria, Megan Moniz, Rachel Fackoury Jenny McConnell and Britt Hern “ will teach the classes around the city.

How do you register for the NTC live classes? Visit Nike Toronto’s city page at nike.com/toronto for full details.

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