Skip It! 3 Ways to Cut Calories

Eating right and calorie counting can be a difficult combination of do’s, don’ts and utter confusion. From fad diets to low-fat foods to the latest exercise regime, losing weight takes A LOT of effort and a lot of physical work. But there is a super-easy way to lose weight that doesn’t cause any headaches, doesn’t take much effort and anyone can do it. Don’t believe me? Well, its true and it just takes two simple words that will help you on your road to eating right and losing weight: Skip it! Check out these tips to help you skip the extra calories and start eating healthy.

Skip It: Dressings and Condiments
Sauces, cheeses and anything else that is an extra topping addition to your meal – just skip it! Yes, I understand it is completely hard to go cold turkey (literally) and not put on any delicious sauces or glazes on your food, but dressings and condiments pack on tons of calories. Instead skip it and try another (just as delicious) alternative and health-wise choice such as choosing to put honey mustard or very light sub sauce on your sandwich instead or choosing a hearty tomato pasta sauce over a creamy Alfredo sauce. And if the idea of ditching any dressing from your meals seems absolutely unbearable, take baby steps and put only half the dressing or condiment amount you would usually put. With that small adjustment alone you’ll see the difference in the way you feel and how your body feels.

Skip It: Sugar
This step may be particularly hard for those whose sweet-tooth larger than life but whether you like it or not, eating too much sugar is not good for a healthy eating regime. According to Statistics Canada, one in five calories that Canadian’s consume comes from sugar and the report also says that most of those sugars come from things we consume everyday like soft drinks, energy drinks and chocolates bars. So, does that mean you have to skip the absolutely cute pink icing cupcakes at your best friend’s bridal shower or a sweet chocolate surprise from your boyfriend? No, but try to cut down your sugar intake and try your best to have foods that have naturally occurring sugars in it such as fruit (which should also be eaten in moderation, in terms of its sugar content). But never deny your craving, if you’ve been eating healthy and wisely, go ahead and treat yourself and have something sweet.

Skip It: Extra Carbohydrates
Notice that I say extra carbs and not just carbs because despite popular belief, all carbohydrates are not all bad and they are essential to a healthy and active lifestyle. The key is to skip any unnecessary carbohydrates that such as white bread and swap it for whole grain bread and also consider swapping white rice or noodles for whole grain pasta or quinoa. Another way to avoid eating extra carbs is to read the nutritional label on the package and find out how many carbohydrates it may contain and use that information to decide whether or not it is compatible with your diet and if it fits your own personal daily value.

One last tip:
Although it is wise to skip bad foods or nutrients with empty calories, never deprive yourself from what you love to eat. As cliché© as it might sound, food is not our enemy and as long as you eat sensibly and in moderation and if cut out these three eating no-no’s, eating right will simply just become second nature to you.

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