Should You See a Psychic?

I've always been hesitant about psychics and clairvoyants. After a high school teacher of mine told our class that Ouija boards would invite evil spirits into our lives, I opted to stay away from anything supernatural. 

Then there was the fear of hearing a bad prediction from a psychic…I didn't exactly want to know when or how I was going to die, or hear about any bad things that could happen to me in the future. 

Recently, however, a friend of mine convinced me to go see a psychic, just to try it out. After much convincing, I finally thought, why not? YOLO!

Though the experience was interesting, and pretty fun, I feel like I went in unprepared. Here's what I wish I had known before going to see a psychic:

1. Decide what you want from the reading

Wondering when you'll meet Mr. Right? Curious to know if you're going to get that raise? Or, do you want to be put into contact with your deceased relatives? It can be difficult to get a good, in-depth reading if you're unsure of what you want to get out of your reading. For example, I wish the psychic had spent less time telling me about my personality, and instead, told me more about what was going to happen with my love life. Think carefully about which topic you want to learn most about, and be sure to tell the psychic before he or she begins the reading. 

2.  Don't be afraid to ask questions

When I went into my reading…I had no idea what to expect. Since my session was only 10 minutes, I was scared to interrupt or question anything the psychic told me because I didn't want to "waste" time. My friend saw the same psychic right after I did and got much more out of it because she asked a lot of her own questions, along with questioning the things the psychic was telling her. In turn, she understood her reading much better.  

3. Be prepared to come into contact with deceased relatives 

This totally threw me for a loop – in the middle of my reading, the psychic grabbed my arm and told me, "Your grandfather says hi." She then began to describe him and pass along some messages. As I was totally unprepared for this, I became very emotional, and wasn't too sure how to feel about the whole ordeal. After that, it was difficult for me to focus on the rest of the reading, because I was so caught up in my first "meeting" with my grandfather. 

4. Record the session

You'll want to remember everything the psychic told you. Plus, it's fun to refer back and see if anything actually comes true. 

5. Take everything with a grain of salt. 

It's important not to take everything too seriously. Even if the psychic gives you an accurate reading, the choices you make can change your future. Just because a psychic tells you that you're going to meet the love of your life within the next month, doesn't necessarily mean it will actually happen. Remember, you're in charge of your own life, not a person reading your palms or reading tarot cards. 

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