Road Trip Snacks That Won’t Blow Your Diet

When you’re on a road trip, the call of the road can easily become the call to Burger King. Road trips can make you hungry, and it is all to easy to give in to the lure of burgers, fries, milkshakes and the like. One way to keep from blowing your diet with road trip food is to plan ahead and bring snacks. If you have tasty treats on hand that you don’t have to stop for, you’ll avoid temptation and keep your calorie intake under control. Looking for some ideas for delicious road trip snacks? Try some of the ones below.

Spicy Popcorn
Pop a bag of 100-calorie popcorn and mix in a little cayenne pepper and a sprinkling of low-fat parmesan cheese. Place this in a ziplock baggie for a quick, spicy treat that will help you resist the call of fast food on your road trip. Depending on the length of your road trip and the amount of passengers in your car, you may want to make more than one of these easy to make, easy to take delicious snacks.

Sweet Pretzels
Pretzels are a dieters dream, and this sweet road trip snack is just as easy and low cal. Just melt a handful of chocolate chips in the microwave and dip in pretzel sticks. Put them on wax paper to dry and voila “ instant salty, sweet gratification that weighs in at a low 15 calories per stick. Perfect for munching on the go.

Spicy Sweet Seeds
Sprinkle a half a cup of sunflowers seeds with salt and cinnamon and bake in the oven for about five minutes. Once cool, pack them up in a baggie and you’re ready to hit the road with about 300 calories of salty, sweet goodness. The sunflower seeds will keep you filled up and energized on your road trip.

Trail Tacos
Spread a tablespoon of low fat cream cheese on a tortilla, top with sliced strawberries, roll up and wrap in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Put it in the cooler with your diet coke and iced tea, and you can grab one on the road without a second thought.  At less than 200 calories per taco, you can enjoy this snack on your road trip without blowing your diet on an 800 calorie cheeseburger.  

Salty Honey Nut Crunchies
Mix a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios with about 20 pretzel sticks and a handful of peanuts for a 300 calorie snack that will satisfy your cravings for salt, sugar, and crunch while on a road trip. This delicious low calorie snack is easy to eat while driving, and will keep you satisfied for miles on end.

Celery and Peanut Butter
Spread a half tablespoon of low fat peanut butter on a celery stick for a low calorie road trip snack that is only 50 calories per crunchy, nutty bite. Make a handful of these and put them in a ziplock baggie in your cooler. You can munch and drive while enjoying a nutritious, delicious low calorie snack.

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