ICYMI: Social Media is Integral for Your Career

Whether we like it or not, social media surrounds us. It can be tricky to determine where personal social media ends and business social media begins. Yes we all know LinkedIn, and even Levo League, are tools for career networking and searching for jobs, but what about Twitter, Instagram, Periscope or Snapchat? How can they be valuable in shaping our future badass career?

Long gone are our separated channels of career and life. The lines are becoming increasingly blurred, with work from home days, virtual offices and shared office spaces popping up everywhere, across many sectors. We need to embrace that and strategize how we can make it work for us”because it is possible to do it well.

If you’re not using social media in some form to shape a narrative about who you are and what you believe in, you need to. And here’s why it will help your career:

Recruiters and hiring managers can get an idea of who you are as a person

We’ve all been there: applying to jobs with over a thousand applicants with the exact same qualifications. How can you stand out? While you can’t be certain hiring managers are spending the time checking out your socials or googling your name, there is still a possibility, one which you should take full advantage of. Depending on what field you’re in, it can be a good idea to include your Twitter or Instagram on your resume to show a good overview of who you are while showcasing some of your interests.

They know you can assist with the company’s social media

The other side to social media? It never ends, and it’s certainly never offline. While you can take some breaks from your email, socials are something that keep going, regardless of time, time zone, or holiday. It’s comforting to know that new staff will feel comfortable jumping in to assist with live-tweeting, taking over the company’s Instagram account or posting some relevant content.

You can network with influencers or future mentors

While networking events aren’t for everyone, they’re absolutely crucial for career advancement. So how can you avoid the awkward event, and use social media to help support face-to-face networking? You can closely follow blogs or individuals who post content that is relevant to your career, and favourite their tweets, retweet and spark up a conversation on something they’ve posted about. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all about the conversation you start”and some are easier to start conversations than others.

It helps you develop your own personal brand

Lastly, you can portray who you are and what you like across your entire social footprint, which is valuable to your employers. Personal branding shows you’re capable of conveying a story or theme across your socials, and your employers, or even recruiters, can see you will also promote their brand in the same light.

Still not convinced? Read Aliza Licht’s Leave Your Mark and you’ll definitely be jumping on the social media bandwagon.

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