How to Plan a Great Summer Roadtrip

Picture this: a windy night and the sun’s setting slowly. The car windows rolled down. The sound of a summer playlist filled with your favourite driving songs. Hot coffee and miles of highway. Sure, driving might take you longer to reach your destination, but no one is going to argue that the experience isn’t worth the extra time.

A cheaper travel option than flying (even with crazy gas prices), roadtripping is guaranteed to bring out your sense of adventure. Plus, the roadtrip gives you a chance to spend some distraction free time with the people that matter most. So if you’re thinking of taking a classic summertime vacation ”or even just a weekend getaway” here are a few ways to make your trip hassle free, comfortable and unforgettable.

First even before you leave your home you need to ensure that you have a plan just in case your car breaks down and you ended up needing roadside assistance, tow truck dublin offers assistance 24/7 assistance and they a have a group of experts that will help you in case you need it.

What to Pack:
If you’re traveling by car, not having to cram everything into one suitcase gives you some flexibility. However, that doesn’t give you license to bring everything and anything. Nothing gets a roadtrip off to a worse start than traveling with someone who overpacks the car. Bring what you need, but don’t get carried away. And in addition to the regular travel items (such as your clothes, shoes, and toiletries) other roadtrip essentials should be some combination of the following:

  • Healthy car snacks (granola bars, apples, carrot sticks, crackers, whatever.) Chances are you’re not going to want to make a zillion roadside stops, so it’s nice to have a few things to munch on during the drive. Healthier options are especially good considering these are harder to find on the road.
  • A bunch of great mix cds and/or playlists. Have everyone in the car make a bunch of playlists so you’ll be able to shuffle through everyone’s tastes. Make dancey playlists. Breakup playlists. Nostalgia playlists. The possibilities are endless.
  • An emergency car kit (jumper cables, flashlight, tow rope etc.) Just in case.
  • A pillow and some blankets, for those taking car naps when they’re not on driving duty.

What to Wear:
Because no one wants to look like Bridget Jones on her way to the country, it’s important to get strategic with roadtrip outfits and hairstyles. Ponytails should probably be the hairstyle of choice. Hair tends to tangle and dry out from blowing around in a car all day, so having a low maintenance look is just way easier. For hot summer travel days, stick with something like a pair of comfy cut-off shorts and a tank top. Leggings are also ideal for traveling (as are yoga pants.) To finish it off, don’t forget your favourite sunglasses and some flip flops. For roadtripping, what you’re ultimately looking for is classic summer style that’ll keep you cool and comfortable.

What to Do:
The best part of driving is that you have the opportunity to see things that you would never see otherwise. Don’t be afraid to pull off the highway and explore little towns and roads you haven’t been down before. Take a break and go for a swim in a lake. Go mini golfing. Stop at roadside fruit stands. Look up some of the places you’ll be driving through and stop at a well-reviewed restaurant you’d never get a chance to go to. There are all kinds of options. The important thing is just that you have a sense of fun and exploration. In other words: have a destination in mind, but remember that sometimes getting there is just as good.

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