How To Keep the Weight Off This Holiday Season

Studies have shown that the average person gains seven pounds over the holiday season. While seven pounds doesn’t sound like much when you say it aloud (heck, your pocketbook probably weighs more than that), you know how hard you may have to work to lose seven pounds. Not to mention that seven pounds is sometimes the difference between fitting into your favourite hot jeans or that knockout dress. So, determined not to gain the dreaded holiday pounds this year? Try some of the tips below.

Pace yourself on invitations:
Don’t accept every invite you get. It’s okay to turn some of them down, especially if it isn’t something you particularly want to do. People understand that this is a busy time of year for everyone.

Come late to dinner:
If you come to a dinner late enough to miss the cocktails and appetizers, you’ve probably just saved yourself 300 calories or more. Of course, don’t be rude “ let your hosts know beforehand that you’ll be a little late. There’s no need to have bad manners while avoiding gaining weight.

Drink light:
Wine spritzers, light beer, and have a glass of sparkling water with lemon for every alcoholic beverage you consume. Most alcoholic mixed drinks are high in calories, and drinking alcohol can reduce your willpower, too.

Plan a healthy dish:
If you’re invited to bring a dish, try to bring something healthy and/or low calorie that you can turn to when the French onion dip starts calling you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a veggie plate or a salad (unless you love those), but something you enjoy that has less calories and fat to help you avoid that holiday weight gain.

Watch your portion sizes:
Eat only half of what you put on your plate (or less.) Remember all those portion control tips “ a cup is about the size of your fist, three ounces of meat or chicken is the size of a pack of card, a tablespoon of butter is about the size of your thumb. All of that will help you not to gain holiday weight.

Careful of desserts:
Only eat dessert at every third event you attend. Hey, a girl’s got to have some dessert, and there’s no sense in kidding yourself you’re going to pass up every holiday goodie. Limiting your sweets will help avoid holiday season weight gain.

Keep exercising:
Exercise 30 minutes more for every party you attend. Put in extra time on the elliptical or treadmill to help balance out any indulgences that would lead to weight gain. Plus, the extra exercise will help keep you sane during the holidays.

Plan ahead:
For big family events, focusing again on portion control and pacing yourself will help avoid weight gain. If you know you won’t be able to resist your aunt’s famous cheesecake, skip the butter on your roll and use light salad dressing. And only eat half the cheesecake “ you can have it again at the next holiday get together.

Remember to focus on the real meaning of the holiday season “ celebrating family and friends, having fun, welcoming in a new year “ not gaining weight. Holidays are all about having a great time, not eating yourself out of your little black dress. And remember it’s okay to enjoy all that good food, just exercise a little common sense and portion control along the way!

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