Fat Burning Foods

Looking for healthy alternatives to those greasy, yet delicious and totally luscious snacks you indulge in? While a cheat meal or snack session is great once in a while, you might not want to be feeling weighed down afterwards by queasiness, bloating and extra weight that you don't want. Here are 10 tasty, fat burning foods that can replace the sugary fattening foods that have had you in a tight grip-lock.


Want an alternative to sugar? Stir some cinnamon into your coffee instead! Not only could cinnamon help stabilize blood sugar levels but it tastes oh so good!

Chili peppers have been known to speed up metabolism and curb appetite. Their spiciness can even burn calories by increasing heart rate.

Air-popped popcorn is a great alternative to a bag of chips. Low in calories, it's a fun snack that you can enjoy without being too antsy about serving sizes.

Fish is a great source of protein while also rich in Omega-3's. Salmon is a great low-fat option for adding protein to your diet.

Watermelon, being mostly water, takes up a lot of room in the stomach, making you feel fuller with less calories. It's also a great source for antioxidants and vitamins A and C.

Replace your fattening cheesy Cheetos with some raw veggies and dip! Raw vegetables make a delicious, fresh and crunchy snack while also low in calories and full of nutrients!

Eat eggs in the morning to keep hunger away during the day! One egg has only 75 calories so the only question now is, scrambled or sunny side up?

Oatmeal. Hot and rich in fibre. Oatmeal can help you feel full longer so eat-up and enjoy!

Vinegar can be added to just about anything to not only give it a tasty kick, but to fight fat itself! It's calorie free so don't feel guilty.

From walnuts to almonds, nuts are a great snack for the health-conscious. They contain fats that are good for the heart and help promote weight loss. Cheers to healthy snacking!

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