Exercise Trends for Summer

Baring more skin in summer is usually something we look forward to, as it means warmer temperatures. But if you’re carrying extra weight, more revealing clothing can be a point of insecurity. You shouldn’t have to resort to covering up “ who wants to be perma-sweaty in the summer heat? At the start of the year, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) released its top fitness trends for 2011. Here, we’ve rounded up our five favourites to inspire and help you get fit this summer.

Health apps. Health and fitness apps have been huge so far this year. Smart phones are becoming more commonplace and health companies and groups are playing on the advantage to get their message across. Check out our guide to health apps.

The ACE also sees social networking becoming a big part of fitness motivation this year, offering moral support to help keep you on track.

Zumba. Zumba launched into the limelight this year and has become a staple class at many health clubs and gyms. It’s not hard to see why “ an energetic mix of Latin music and beginner dance moves, Zumba boasts major calorie burning exercise.

Wellness. What is considered healthy has now expanded to a state of overall well-being (similar to a holistic health view), including nutrition and mental health and not just physical fitness. The ACE predicts an increase in health companies that focus on an overall wellness and not limiting their services to exercise.

Stress reduction. Realistically, stress is not a new issue. However, new research and technologies to help with stress reduction increase every year. The recession undoubtedly had an effect on our stress level and consequent health. Now that the worst is seemingly over for Canadians, we can turn our attention to tackling stress through exercise.

Workout buddies. Another old but effective trick is the motivational friend. If you have a friend to rely on to kick your butt out of bed and get you to the gym, track, studio, wherever, it makes it a lot easier to stick with your fitness goals. The ACE sees workout buddies staying strong as a trend, also through peer groups.

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