Carving Out Me Time

Oh, the elusive “me time. You know it’s good for you and you know you need it but wouldn’t you know, it’s the last thing you schedule in on your list of things to do. It falls dead last to picking up and shuttling the kids to soccer practice, work deadlines and meeting the never ending demands of family and friends.

However, not carving out some time for yourself inevitably catches up with you in the long run and can leave you feeling a lovely combination of worn out, spent or generally dissatisfied. Here’s how to make sure you get to you:

It’s a mental shift
Let’s be honest¦every day brings numerous demands and pressures on our time and energy. And most of the time, we put other things above our own needs and desires. Shifting your brain to focus on yourself is a challenge but necessary. You don’t have to go off the deep end and make it all about you, but give yourself permission to set aside a time for just you and make yourself the priority.

Figure out what you like
Just because some people find lounging on a beach at an all inclusive the end all and be all, doesn’t mean that you need to as well. What is relaxing to one person, may not be so for another, so take the time to figure out what recharges your battery and do it.

Plan for it
Yes, you really have to do this. Take a look at your schedule at the beginning of every week and slot in some time just for you. If you schedule it in to your calendar, you are far more likely to follow through with it.

If you need to, find a partner in crime
Plans are always more difficult to break if you are meeting a friend somewhere, so if it makes it easier for you to commit, sign up for a class with a friend and stick to it.

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