Break Your Routine: 5 Unique Toronto Fitness Classes

It’s easy to fall into a comfortable fitness routine, but to see significant changes you need to switch it up. If you live in the Toronto area, you’ll find a wide variety of unique fitness classes and gyms that are breaking the mold. So step out of your comfort zones and try one of these five workouts:

Stacked at Equinox

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If you are a fan of interval training this is the class for you. It includes cardio and weight training all in one full-body workout. You start with one exercise, then as a new exercise is added, you must begin from the first and complete each exercise in a sequence. Hence the name “Stacked!” To add to the intensity you are working out to a timer with intervals of 30 seconds to three minutes. Watching the clock and remembering each move helps to make the class more fun.


119 Bay Street, Commerce Court West, Toronto, ON

55 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON

Studio Lagree

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Ever heard of Pilates on crack? That’s Lagree. Celebrities like Courtney Cox and Khloe Kardashian credit their hot bods to this workout. Using Lagree’s M3 Megaformer machine, the class is led through a series of full-body exercises that build a strong core and a long and lean physique. Exercises are slow and focus on form, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be sweating like you just ran a marathon. Your muscles are worked to their limits, meaning you’ll feel the results the next day!


1033 Edgeley Blvd, Vaughan, ON

788 King Street West, Toronto, ON

435 Spadina Road, Toronto, ON

Pure Barre

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Want a ballerina’s body? This is where you get it. Pure Barre is the class that will target all those areas we women find hardest to strengthen. It will tone your thighs, lift your booty and take inches off your tummy. But you have to stay dedicated. Each 55 minute class uses isometric movements that look easy at first, but will have your heart rate racing and body shaking from fatigue in moments. Plus, it is the perfect escape from the stresses of your day as classes take place in a dimly lit room, with calming and relaxing music.


737 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Pursuit OCR

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Think of this gym as a playground for adults. It is Toronto’s first fully indoor obstacle course. Yes, you can swing from the rings and fall into a ball pit. Climb the ropes and jump over the walls. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realize you’ve just had a full-body workout. Grab a group of friends and play around the course for an hour or two. Plus, the space is almost too cool to not Snapchat!


444 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON

The Underground Dance Centre

From newbies to dance pros, you can find classes for every level of dancer at The Underground Dance Centre. If you want to learn the latest Justin Bieber choreography or sweat to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, this is the place you go to have fun and get loose. Plus, each class is recorded on video so you can show off your fresh new moves to your friends.


220 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON

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    I don’t know why some people find exercise boring! Because the different ways you can exercise your body can make exercise fun and exciting. The fitness centers in Toronto can make exercising invigorating. You can try HIIT, Barre and so on.

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