Good Vibes Only: A Beginner’s Guide To Crystal Healing

It pains us to say this, but former The Hills star Spencer Pratt may be on to something: Crystals are symbolic, beautiful and have more meaning than you may think. Learning about what stone or combination of stones works for you can be a process, but luckily we got a crash course from Joey Wargachuk of Happy Soul Toronto. Wargachuk is a clairvoyant, tarot and crystal reader plus a certified Usui Reiki master (Levels I, II and Master). We were in good hands.

Here’s what we learned:

What are crystals?
“Crystals are elements that have been formed in the earth under massive amounts of pressure and heat. The transformation that crystals undergo causes them to harmonically crystallize, which means their atoms and molecules line up in a perfect pattern and it allows them, as they cool, to crystallize and create these structures.”

“The most common crystal that people come across is the Clear Quartz. It’s considered the master crystal because of its high vibrational power–it can balance all the chakras. It is programmed to allow intention and energy to be sent out in the world.”

What is a chakra?
“Chakras are the subtle energy centre of the human body.” There are seven essential Chakras commonly used to find balance:

Root Chakra – “This is located at the bottom of your spine and it is all about grounding. It helps to anchor you to this reality, this universe; it essentially roots you right into the ground.”

Sacral Chakra – “The Sacral Chakra is located between your belly button and your genitals, and it represents your creativity, sexuality and fertility. Fertility is not just about making babies, it’s about coming up with ideas and feelings inspired by the world around you. Think of how water flows through you too, “it flushes out any kind of negativity or toxins.”

Solar Plexis Chakra – “This is my favourite chakra. It is located right under your rib cage and upper abdomen. It is balanced by Citrine, which absorbs negative energy and pushes it into positive energy. It also links to your Sacral Chakra. The Solar Plexis Chakra is about your will, and getting what you want, “it’s that force and power that you control.”

Heart Chakra – “Well, it’s in your heart, duh. It is balanced by emerald because the Heart Chakra is green outside, representing loving others and forgiveness and it’s pink on the inside for loving yourself. It’s about self-love and emerald is really good for balancing that.”

Throat Chakra – “This chakra is about speaking your truth, not speaking ‘the’ truth, but telling your story and communicating what you believe in, regardless of what other people think.”

Third-eye Chakra – “Now we move to your forehead, which is responsible for taking all of your senses and experiences; all the things you know, and forming your ‘heads-up’ display of what you consider to be real. It is about being able to tell the difference between what is illusion and what is truth. This happens all in your third eye. It helps you be more intuitive and see past the matrix of reality in order to form your own belief system.”

Crown Chakra – “Located right above your head, think of the Crown Chakra in terms of unity, the divine, oneness, everyone is connected. It’s like the internet of the universe.”

When using crystals, your first rule of thumb is making sure to “clear, charge and smudge” them, Wargachuk notes. “Some people charge their crystals by moonlight, sunlight, or they’ll clear them with water, but some crystals you cannot clear in water; for example, Black Tourmaline cannot be placed in water. It’s just about being mindful of what crystal you have, because at the end of the day these elements and compounds are alive.” The crystal reader has witnessed crystals literally “blow up” because of their energy or damaged other living things like plants. “I’ve had crystals explode on me or crack and crumble because of heavy use and not charging them correctly.”

One & Done. Wargachuk refers to the Clear Quartz as the “all you need” stone since it is the master crystal and connects you to the divine. It also raises your vibration, while Smoky Quartz is more about spirituality, detoxifying and calming oneself.

All the Riches. If you’re looking for a crystal that embodies wealth and prosperity, Wargachuk recommends using Citrine (which transmutes negativity to positivity and brings joy). It’s a “money-making crystal that gives you the salesman/real estate agent drive to make money. It’s masculine, aggressive, makes you crave money.” For those wanting good fortune but don’t want to be “aggressive jerks” he recommends using Green Aventurine.

Raw Ruby

Ruby is associated with luxury, royalty and it is a “great crystal to use for meditation.”

Amethyst is said to guard against “psychic attack” and transmutes energy into love.

Black Obsidian dispels negative energy and provides an emotional release.

In sum, everything is about intent and balance when it comes to crystals, so making sure to balance negative energy with positive energy is the big takeaway one that every crystal enthusiast should be aware of.

If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and all their healing properties visit one of Happy Soul’s classes, many which are lead by Wargachuk. You can find more information here.

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    The world would be a better place if everyone used crystals daily.

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    Crystals can help in smoothing family or group problems and provides solutions to multiple problems. It also encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits which helps in attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. Thus, carrying a crystal creates a positive impact on life.

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