7 Libido Boosting Foods

Romantic candlelight, soft music and racy lingerie can go a long way when it comes to setting the tone for spending time between the sheets with your man. Tried and true, these well-known sexy moves are sure to work, but there’s just one seduction secret you may be overlooking. Hint: it’s in your fridge. Seriously, it’s been proven that what you put on your plate can serve up some serious sexual power. Forget that new red-hot push-up, head to your nearest grocery store and stock up on these 7 sex-drive-loving foods (and let the fireworks begin):

1. Oysters

A must for your grocery basket, these ocean delicacies are age-old aphrodisiacs. Loaded with zinc, oysters help jump-start the sex hormone testosterone”upping feelings of friskiness for both you and your man. The sensual, slippery shellfish are also rich in the amino acid taurine, the heart-starting ingredient found in Red Bull. So snacking on them is not only a turn on, it will keep you love-making-session-ready too.

2. Chocolate

If seafood isn’t your thing, don’t worry because this next food most likely is. What woman doesn’t love chocolate? Beyond being sinfully delicious, the cocoa bean is brimming with euphoric ingredients like serotonin and dopamine. Known to mimic the feeling of falling in love, the dark dessert also boasts a dose of heart-rate-raising caffeine, and is a perfect prelude to a night (or day) of passion. The movie Chocolat was definitely onto something.

3. Pumpkin pie

It turns out that it’s not only what you eat that can kick start your sex drive, smell can play powerful role in the bedroom too. According to studies, one whiff of baked pumpkin pie got men’s blood pumping right where it counts. So the next time the holidays roll around, take advantage of your man’s sexy sense, and get the delicious treat in the oven (or from the bakery) stat. We wonder, would pumpkin spiced lattes have the same effect?

4. Garlic

Who knew garlic breath was sexy? Yikes. Hard to believe, but packed with circulation-boosting allicin, the notoriously pungent food helps amp up sensation down under. To reap all its flirty rewards (and play down the not so sexy), make sure you prepare it crushed, not chopped, and share it”and the awful breath”with your beau.

5. Avocados

This often confusing green (is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable?) is rich in serotonin-producing vitamin B6, which, like chocolate, helps lead to some feel-good vibrations. Also providing a healthy dose of vitamin E, avocados help get your heart racing and can actually benefit the quality of your man’s precious supply down south. So go ahead and dig into the guacamole.

6. Watermelon

Experts have deemed the juicy, summertime fruit the new Viagra, and with good reason. Watermelon has been found to have a similar effect on blood vessels as the infamous sex drug, and in turn packs a powerful libido-boosting punch. An added bonus: the hydrating fruit is ninety-two percent water, so it’s a perfect choice for when things get really sweaty.

7. Bananas

Yes, we get the irony. Not only does the sunny coloured fruit resemble a rather obvious part of the male anatomy, it’s also high in vitamin B, providing a much-needed shot of energy while rekindling your sex hormones. So, what are you waiting for? Quit monkeying around, you’ve got some food shopping to do.

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