7 Healthy Foods You Can Shape Like a Heart

In February, it’s not difficult to find foods shaped like hearts. You can get everything from cupcakes and cookies to take-out pizza in that iconic Valentine’s Day symbol. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your diet (or your partner’s) in jeopardy. Healthy food can still be fun. Here are 7 healthy foods you can shape like a heart for a great Valentine’s Day meal:

Healthy homemade pizza: Instead of ordering greasy, fatty pizza shaped like a heart, make your own at home. Shape the dough yourself and top it off with lots of veggies and a thinner layer of cheese for a healthier alternative to traditional take-out.

Fruit and veggie bites: For a healthy Valentine’s Day snack, slice and dice your favourite fruits into heart shapes. If they’re too tough to cut properly (such as root vegetables) or you’re using orange slices, for example, you don’t have to cut them “ just arrange other pieces or wedges on a platter in the size of lots of small hearts or one large one.

Oatmeal cookies: Bake your own heart-shaped cookies instead of opting for store-bought. Pack them full of whole grains, dried fruit and nuts and lower-fat ingredients. They’ll be just as cute as their high-sugar, high-fat counterparts but will be easier on your waistline. Shape them with a cookie cutter or by hand before baking.

Pancakes: Amp up that Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed with heart-shaped whole grain pancakes. Toss in some blueberries for antioxidant goodness.

Eggs or omelettes: You can buy silicone egg molds in almost any shape these days. Find one in the shape of a heart and crack an egg into it for a simple way to say I love you (and also I want to help you get enough protein today!) If you’re making an omelette, be sure to include lots of vegetables and maybe some low-fat cheese.

Ravioli: This one’s a bit more time consuming, but if you make homemade ravioli, why not go the extra mile and shape each little packet of deliciousness (filled with healthy goodies like butternut squash or spinach, of course!) like a heart. Give yourself an early start and remember that it’ll be worth it “ and it’s only one day of the whole year!

Ice cubes: The simplest recipe of all and absolutely calorie free! Find a silicone ice cube tray with slots shaped like hearts. Pop a few into any drink for a little lovely flair. You can use the same trays for a myriad other uses “ to make heart-shaped chocolates, frozen yogurt bites or Jell-o bites.

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