6 Winter Foods to Help You Lose Weight

As the winter months get chillier, the urge to fill ourselves with warm, delicious goodness gets stronger. Skip the heavy cheeses and the creamy soups this year and instead opt for some of the healthiest winter foods that will leave you feel full without filling out your waistline.

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Not only is cauliflower a totally trendy eat right now but it also packs only 29 calories per cup, making it a fantastic choice for slimming up. Cook and blend them into a delicious faux mashed potatoes, roast them for crispy delightful side, or serve them raw in your favorite winter salad.

Spaghetti squash

When the winter months have got you craving carbs like whoa, spaghetti squash can be the perfect replacement to give you that pasta feel without the extra load of calories. While your usual cooked pasta can come in around 200 calories per cup, this seasonal squash will set you back only 42 calories for an equal amount.

Blood orange

It’s believed that the antioxidants that give these fruits their bright colour may also aid in weight loss, as well as the fact that they are incredibly fiber-rich. Try it as a glaze, as a dressing, or as a delicious dessert this winter to get your fill of it’s powerful impact.

Brussels sprouts

Don’t leave these delicious sprouts as solely for the thanksgiving dinner table “ with just 28 calories per half cup serving, you can eat your share of these little morsels of goodness without feel the guilt. Roast them up or eat them raw as a unique spin on your usual salad.

Heirloom potatoes

Don’t fear the starch! Many people attempt to steer clear of potatoes in the winter in fear of their starchy carb components. What most people don’t know is that potatoes are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and contain a ton of fibre “ all of which help regulate your blood sugar and keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Technically rosemary is an herb, but pairing it up with your food (such as the aforementioned potatoes) adds flavour and helps you to eat less because your food will taste more satisfying than if it was simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

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