5 Tips on How Not to Indulge (Too Much) this Holiday Season

Holiday party snacks are like a minefield for your waistline: step on (snack on) the wrong one, and you’ll blow up. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy options to keep you slim and satisfied, and armed with these tips, dodging mines will look like a cakewalk.

Hydrate, hydrate hydrate

Ever heard the saying that thirst is often mistaken for hunger? While the legitimacy of this sentiment is a little misleading (uh, yeah, actually hungry here), the mindfulness to stay hydrated comes from the right place; it is true you can gobble up extra calories if your body is out of balance. Make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day and down a big glass before heading out to a soiré©e. While there, every other (ok, second) cocktail, sub in another glass of water ” make it fancy by sipping sparkling instead. This’ll help lower your total tally of cals, while ensuring your buzz is in check ” which also means you’ll also be less likely to chow down on canapé©s.

Fuel up pre-party

Although it may sound a little counter intuitive to eat before going to a party where there’ll also be snacks, noshing on a light snack can actually help you from over-indulging in the long run. Picking a high protein bite under 150 calories, like a handful of nuts, a hardboiled egg or a few slices of all-natural turkey breast, can stave off cravings and lower your overall calories consumed. Cakewalk, indeed.

Spritz wisely

Fragrance is an integral part to a beauty routine; a beautiful, dressy lipstick wouldn’t be looked over, and neither should a spritz of something special. Before heading out to a holiday celebration, reach for a scent that has notes of vanilla. Not only is the warm and inviting scent a delicious pick for mingling close with your nearest and dearest, but according to research, scientists found those wearing vanilla-spiked fragrances consumed fewer sweets than those who went spritz-free.

Get your zzz’s

There are so many reasons a full night’s rest is important, and staying slim is one of ˜em. A recent study found those who skimped on their zzz’s ate an average of 500 more calories a day than those who got their solid eight hours worth of rest. Being tired makes us wired to try and source out energy wherever we can find it, making us reach for extra bites.

Be choosy with your sips

No one’s saying skip the bar entirely; that would be the quickest way to dry up all the holiday fun. Instead, be choosy with your sip of choice. If you absolutely must indulge in a festive cup of eggnog, go for it, but just have one. Afterwards, switch to a simple mix of liquor and calorie-free and hydrating soda, or even better, enjoy a glass or two of champagne ” it’s only 90 calories a pop, and practically carb-free. I’ll drink to that!

Relax, enjoy, indulge

Above all else, this is the time to enjoy yourself and those around you. Start your day by reciting a positive mantra. Be grateful for all that you have. Send out good vibes. Remember that everyone deserves a treat now and again, and there’s nothing healthy about being stressed ” especially if you’re stressed over eating one damn holiday cookie. Enjoy it, move on and stay zen!

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