5 Places to Sweat It Out in Toronto

Whether your New Year’s resolution was to get fit or just detox after all of those huge holiday meals (hello, little butter- and molasses-laden gingerbread cookies), we’ve rounded up some of the best places to work on your fitness in Toronto. Whether you’re looking for some serious cardio action, do some mindful yoga or switch it up (and prep for your Hawaii trip in the process), this city is full of great places to sweat it out.


What it is: Unleash your inner ballerina, whether you’ve retired your childhood ballet slippers or the closest your idea of ballet is rocking this season’s hottest flats. Barreworks is a workout destination that combines ballet, core training, yoga, pilates and muscle sculpting to help you get long and lean, even if you’ve never step foot near a barre. With an array of classes, including BarreBasics for the newbs to DripBarre for those looking to get seriously sweaty, you’re sure to find something to help you get those long lean legs you’ve seen prancing on stage during The Nutcracker. And as many former ballerinas will be quick to tell you: it’s harder than it looks (but totally worth the work—just look at all of those Victoria’s Secret Angels who swear by these kinds of exercises). 
Where it is: 2 locations downtown—2576 Yonge St., 2nd floor and 625 Queen St. W, 3rd floor
What it costs: From $21 per class
How to find it: barreworks.ca

Iam Yoga

What it is: A yoga studio right in the heart of downtown Toronto, accessible to pretty much everything you could need, whether it’s hopping back onto the subway to go north, south, east or west. The 6,000-square foot facility has three rooms, offering heated, non-heated and conditioning classes for every level, whether you’re new to the yoga scene, are back from a break or have been doing scorpion like a boss for years. The roster of classes includes Hatha, Restorative, Flow and even Detox Flow to make sure you get all of those cookies out of your system with a series of twists and stretches.  
Where it is: 680 Yonge St., 2nd floor
What it costs: From $17 per class
How to find it: iamyoga.ca

Surfset Toronto

What it is: Looking to switch up your fitness regimen? Traveling to Hawaii in the near future? Well, then we have just the place for you. The newly opened up Surfset Toronto incorporates some series core workouts on—yup, you guessed it—a surfboard (or surfboart, if you’re channeling your inner Bey). Each exercise is done on a makeshift surfboard and helps build stability, strengthen your core and tone muscle throughout the four programs: Burn, Blend, Balance and Build. Up the ante in your workout by trying one of the Ashtanga Yoga classes (hard enough on the floor) and get sweating!
Where it is: 2481 Yonge St., 2nd floor
What it costs: From $22 per class
How to find it: surfsettoronto.com

Yoga Tree

What it is: A yoga destination for those hoping to grow their practice in a community that offers a variety of levels. Whether you’re just starting out and hitting the mat for the first time (word of advice: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE) or looking for a new place to grow and evolve with, Yoga Tree is a great option. Bonus: They have five easily accessible locations (hello, three are a TTC ride away) so you can find the one that fits you and your lifestyle best.
Where it is: 3 studios downtown—Richmond & Spadina, Yonge & Dundas and Bay & Dundas; 2 north of the city—Vaughan and Richmond Hill
What it costs: From $18 per class
How to find it: yogatree.ca

Fly Studio

What it is: Looking to take your yoga practice to the next level? How about taking it to a gravity-defying upside down aerial yoga level? Fly Studio will make all those naysayers who said you could never fly feel pretty damn silly because flying is precisely what you’ll get from the aerial and suspension yoga classes. Take it a step further with some of the reformer pilates classes or take a “break” with the Mat & Conditioning classes to really help your core for that Suspension Strength class you’ve been building up to.
Where it is: 489 Queen St. W, 2nd floor
What it costs: From $25 per class
How to find it: flyqueenwest.com

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