4 Restaurants You Must Try in the Cayman Islands

Before travelling to the Cayman Islands I’d never considered it to be a culinary destination. I typically reserved that title for places like Italy or France. But, it doesn’t take you too long after arriving in Grand Cayman to realize that it is a foodie’s paradise. The seafood and fresh farm to table dining is a treat on the islands, in addition to famous culinary events that take place annually like the Taste of Cayman and the Cayman Cookout that draws in celebrity chefs like José© André©s and Anthony Bourdain, and hosted by Chef Eric Ripert. If you want fantastic food in the Caribbean, look no further than these beautiful islands. And once you are there, be sure not to miss these four dining experiences:

Osetra Bay

Osetra Bay’s situated in Morgan’s Harbour in Grand Cayman on the waterfront, with a luxurious and trendy atmosphere. Take in the stunning views while you feast on a menu of truly spectacular seafood. Local fisherman unload their daily catches just steps away, making the experience one you won’t forget. I would recommend a dish, but while trying five or more plates there are just too many to choose from. Thus, I’d recommend bringing along a few friends and sharing each other’s plates. You can’t go wrong at this restaurant!

The Brasserie

The Brasserie is part of Cayman Island’s farm to table movement (they like to say sea to fork or field to fork) as the restaurant, masterminded by chef Dean Max, has a kitchen garden in the back and their own fishing boat that stocks their fridges daily. You can’t help but be inspired by how dedicated and devoted the staff and chefs are to the restaurant as they truly have a passion for this style of dining. And you’ll notice that it translates to the food. If you are in town during their Harvest Series, I recommend enjoying the family style chef’s dinner in the garden. Don’t leave without trying the swordfish!

Le Soleil D’Or

This unique hotel experience in Cayman Brac was one of my most memorable experiences on the islands. With several luxury villas, Le Soleil D’Or is a great place to plan your stay if you want a truly peaceful getaway. The best part? The food is out of this world. Just like The Brasserie’s field to fork mentality, La Soleil D’Or has its own farm where they grow everything you’ll taste on their menu. With both local and important plants, there isn’t anything fruit or vegetable they don’t grow. The farm itself is worth a tour, as it is picture perfect!

Cracked Conch by the Beach

A local favourite, you can’t visit Grand Cayman without going to the Cracked Conch by the Beach. Conch is one of the island’s most famous foods and this is the best place to have a taste. With an open dining area overlooking the water, and the divers come in and out (an activity the islands are known for), it’s hard not to jump out of your seat and take a million photos. But if you do stay seated, be sure to try the Conch Civeche and of course, the Cracked Conch.

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