3 Reasons You Should Always Have a Side Hustle

To some, the idea of working after you finish working may as well be a death wish. To others, it seems entirely natural. Since I was old enough to count money, I’ve always had one to three jobs. In high school, it was working at a bakery and babysitting. In university, it was bartending at two different bars. While traveling, I worked on a ski hill and taught swimming on the side. Now, I have my full time gig during the day, I write (hi!) and I do freelance marketing.

Does it sound like a lot? Because it isand I love it. My side hustle craziness was legitimized at a work event earlier in the spring, with a keynote speech by financial guru Lesley Anne-Scorgie. She strongly suggested the women in our community to, use your talent and go make extra money. The comment resonated with me. Why do we frequently rely on one source of income, when there are endless opportunities to supplement it by doing things we love? Companies like Uber, Etsy, Hurrier and Stella & Dot (to name a few) are popping up everyday, offering people the opportunity to build their own hours and supplement their income with hour-by-hour jobs; it’s flexible, unique and suits our busy lifestyles. Quite often, it allows us to explore other passions on top of our job that pays the bills. If you’re one of the side hustle naysayers, perhaps this list will make you rethink your decision.

Extra cash

It goes without saying but by partaking in some freelance work you’ll earn extra cash. And like mentioned above, it’s smart to have multiple sources of income to ensure you’re set up for success should one source run dry. Depending on the job, it could be peanuts compared to your daily income, but don’t forget, every little bit counts. And who knows? Maybe your side hustle will turn into something bigger. 

Continuous learning

One thing I didn’t realize when I started freelancing is how much I’d learn from the various companies I was working with. It has exposed me to different industries, policies and best practises and has allowed me to apply those learnings to my day-to-day life and career. I’ve been inspired by different marketing campaigns, innovative ideas and varying leadership styles. Continued learning will always set you up for success (and, hello, promotions!).

Networking opportunities

I may talk about it often, but the power of networking cannot be overstated! And what better way to network than to also make money? Networking doesn’t always involve face-to-face interactions; email is a great way to approach new people, and you’re bound to be emailing a few new people when you land a new freelancing gig. Doing social media for a new company? You’ll be surprised at all the new people you meet through different social channels and communities.

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