29 Reasons You’re Late for Work

Some days it just seems like the world is out to get you in the morning, and despite your best efforts, rolling in late at 9:13 is just going to have to be okay. Here are some of the reasons for our tardiness:

1. It’s Monday.

2. You thought you could use liquid eyeliner.

3. Your super easy to use single cup coffee brewer malfunctioned.

4. You can’t find that cute tote bag you want to take your lunch in.

5. You forgot it’s the first of the new month, aka New Metropass Day.

6. There’s a(nother) run in your pantyhose.

7. You were trying to make that breakfast bowl you found on Pinterest.

8. Someone posted a cat video on Facebook.

9. It’s raining.

10. You can’t find the shirt that covers the hole in your favourite leggings that you MUST wear today.

11. You’re trying to strategically pack purse snacks.

12. Your manicure has a chip in it.

13. It’s still raining.

14. You changed your outfit.

15. You changed your outfit, and now you have to change your lipstick.

16. Oh, nevermind, you changed your outfit back.

17. Ugh, the lipstick!

18. The tote bag isn’t big enough to house your lunch (and snacks).

19. Your cat knocked over a box of tampons and is strategically hiding them for you.

20. Ugh, now it’s snowing.

21. Suddenly, there’s a zit on your cheek the size of a golf ball.

22. Taking public transit.

23. Trying to take public transit, getting fed up and calling an Uber.


25. The person in front of you at Starbucks ordering a Frappucino at 8:53am.

26. Going to the bathroom, and then trying to carefully conceal the hole in your leggings again.

27. Everyone in the world trying to get in the same elevator as you (even Frappuccino Girl).

28. Your mom called you.

29. This morning, you just couldn’t even.

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