Sexy Halloween 101

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times – Halloween is the one night of the year that women can wear whatever they want and get away with it. Well guess what ladies, we’re here to tell you that’s a lie. Let us begin the lesson that we like to call: How to Halloween sexy, the right way…

Sexy vs Slutty

Be advised, the most important lesson to remember when picking a Halloween costume is that there is a very fine line between sexy and slutty. Rocking a sleek leopard print body-all and calling yourself a cat? Sexy. Throwing on a leopard print bra and thong and trying the same? Slutty. Learn to differentiate.

The bend test

If you can bend over (obviously to pick up your shoes when your feet inevitably start to hurt toward the end of the night) without flashing the entire bar your butt, then honey, your skirt is definitely way too short.

The age test

If you have graduated from university more than 24 months ago, you have given up your right to turn up at a bar dressed as a Hooters waitress. End of story.

Find a balance

Wearing a super short skirt? Then try and cover up your ta-ta’s. Letting the girls hang out? Opt for pants or at the very least, leggings. It’s the simplest way to, as we mentioned before, take your costume from slutty to sexy in no time at all.

Be honest with yourself

If you don’t feel comfortable in the outfit standing in front of the mirror in your bedroom, you’re definitely not going to feel comfortable in it in the middle of a bar, no matter how many other outrageous costumes are around you. No one wants one of the best nights of the year ruined by too much (or too little) spandex.

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