One Celeb, Four Looks: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of those girls who knows what works and sticks with it. Once she found her makeup uniform she never looked back. Masterful contouring, dramatic lashes and bold brows are Kim’s signature, but that’s not to say the new Mom doesn’t switch things up once in awhile. Below are four variations on Kim’s quintessential look that she has rocked on the red carpet recently, proving that the reality star looks stunning every time she leaves the house.

1 Celeb, 4 Looks: Kim Kardashian

1. At Paris Fashion Week, Kim took the opportunity to contrast her recently dyed blonde hair with a burgundy lipstick and relatively subtle eye makeup.

2. Kim didn’t let her pregnancy stop her from trying out new trends. Earlier this year she wore face-framing choppy bangs with a pretty pink lip.

3. At the VMAs Kim looked otherworldly, slicking her hair back into a tight ponytail and letting her eyes and cheekbones stand out.

4. This look is classic Kim K: glossy nude lips paired with striking smoky eyes, full brows and middle-parted, shiny hair.

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