Winter Hair Accessories

Winter can be rough for the hair. Fly away frizzies, excess oiliness, and all-around bad hair days. Take advantage of your hair acting up by accenting with accessories.

Thank god for Blair Waldorf’s headbands. Hone into your inner preppy (and manage extra, um, body) this winter by head banding it. There are a million styles out there, so you can go as big or as little as you want with this hair trend. Plus, they look super cute paired with an LBD for a holiday cocktail party.

Studs are the new feathers this season. We’ve gone from light as a feather to hard as a stud, and you can rock this trend this winter by investing in a grittier style. Try out a studded barrette as a finishing touch. Topshop has an amazing line of studded hair accessories in different metallic shades. For a strategically messy hairstyle, pull a high ponytail together with a studded hair-tie for added edginess.

Twisted Headwraps
As disastrous as her SNL performance was, no one can deny that Lana Del Ray is huge on style, and mostly spot on. Take a cue from her indie fashion sense and try wearing a twisted head wrap”a bonus that this accessory will keep your noggin warm and hide those greasy roots.

Let this hair trend point you in the right direction, and invested in arrowed hair pins. They will look sleek and sophisticated when paired with an asymmetrical top or dress. Just make sure not to overdue the arrow thing”one arrowed accessory is enough. You don’t people constantly asking you for directions.

Be adventurous when it comes to trying out new hair accessories, if anything, they will be a conversation starter. Just stay away from any Lady Gaga inspired Hair Bows or any Jersey Shore style extensions. And if your hair is just too scary to be accessorized this winter, remember that beanies are always cute, and always in style.

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