Winter Hair Accessories Meet Their Match

There’s nothing worse than watching couples interact during the holidays, especially when you’re single. Annoying, cheesy and cliché© are a few of the words that come to mind. But, underneath that candy coating, there are some couples that aren’t so bad. Milk and cookies go together pretty well. Pumpkin spice and beverages seem to be a commercial hit. Our favourite couple for the snowy season? Chic hairstyles and winter hair accessories.

When your winter headgear complements your hair decisions, it should look effortlessly chic. When your winter headgear ruins your hair efforts, you lose a lot of time, energy and style points. But like most sartorial wins, it takes effort. That’s where we come in. You can call us your mane matchmakers. We’re pairing chic hairstyles with your winter hair accessories and you don’t have to do anything at all, but try them of course.

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Toques and bedheads

A toque is the quintessential Canadian winter accessory; it wouldn’t be the holiday season without one. But unfortunately, due to its shape and size, it can destroy your locks. So one must match the cozy cover-up with a messy, raw style”cue the curly girls and bedheads. And what perfect timing, because the unruly look is coming back after years of being cut off for the previous polished presentations.

[Photo: Anna Mour]


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