Winter Fashion Trends

Though we’re tempted to abandon the world of fashion in response to wind chill and snowstorms, it’s important to remember that despite the abundance of oversize parkas, wool and Ugg boots, the harshest season can actually yield to exciting winter fashion trends.

Without breaking your budget “ or relocating to sunny Florida “ here are some the best ways to beat the winter blues while upping your fashion ante. Sweat suits and one-way tickets to Miami not included.

Back in Black

Sure, black’s gotten a bad rap for being drab and boring, but what’s boring about leather jackets, sequins and velvet? About feathers, lace and metal studs? This season, the shade that speaks volumes is out in full force “ maintaining its unique ability to straddle both the delicate and the hardcore; the classy and the punk rock. Think Rhianna, Joan Jett or Edie Sedgwick. Fierce meets class; mod meets the Ramones.

In addition to complimenting your pale wintered skin, a black leather bomber will give a much-needed edge to a t-shirt and jeans, while a black lace shirt will maintain femininity without seeming generic. Class up your look with black accessories, or embrace your inner New Yorker with a tailored black trench coat.

And remember: if the little black dress was good enough for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s good enough for you, too.

Everything Old Is New Again

Why head to the mall for an overpriced 80s-inspired blazer when you score the original at your local thrift store for $8? Vintage has been on the rise for some time, but in the wake of the current economic crisis, the backlash against name brands and the popularity of shows like Mad Men, second-hand threads have taken on a life of their own.

Vintage boasts originality, creativity and independence, and nothing screams fashion credibility like a wardrobe bursting with all things one-of-a-kind. Sure, scouring a thrift store may seem daunting, but with the right friends, a latte and the right attitude, the clothes will find you.


Fabulous in Faux Fur

Though nothing screams murder like an activist yielding red paint, nothing screams fierce like the proper faux fur accessory. A far cry from the over-the-top stoles and hats of long ago, today’s trend borrows from the look of Northern Europe and combines it with Old-Hollywood glam.

Whether it’s fur trim on a 60s-inspired coat, or a fur scarf coupled with a silk blouse and super-skinny jeans, fur has made the ultimate jump from passé© to fashion forward. Maintaining both fashion and function, faux fur has the unique ability to make you look fabulous while keeping you cozy. Rasputin meets Blair Waldorf “ and it worked.

Feminine Mystique

Complimenting the vintage and fur resurgence of the season, ultra feminine looks have returned in full force with floral prints, lace embellishments, bows and broaches. As if taking a page out of the book of Betty Draper, winter’s dreariness is being combated with the perfectly outfitted and tailored; the coiffed and the upscale.

The winter blues are no match for confidence-boosting silhouettes. High wasted skirts, fitted blouses and Chanel-inspired jackets maintain both the feminine and powerful, while floral-print dresses add a touch of Spring to a season defined by snow and salt.

Although femininity is often mistakenly associated with the ultra-girly, this season’s take on the trend casts a much wider net that includes looks that spans decades and demographics.

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