Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Leah Alexandra’s Permanent Bracelets

One of the most popular trends in recent months has been permanent bracelets. The idea of permanently adding a chic and sleek jewelry on your wrist forever alongside your best friend or partner wasn’t just a style statement, it added meaning too. One brands that has made major waves is the Canadian jewelry brand Leah Alexandra.

Leah created a “spark studio” to “spark joy, spark your intention, spark a memory, or bring a friend for the ultimate friendship bracelet.” You can choose from a selection of solid 14k gold or sterling silver chains and they’ll cut it to the perfect fit for your wrist. A delicate flash of a micro laser creates a permanent seal, welding a solid gold chain to your wrist with a quick zap. You never have to take it off, but can remove it with scissors if need be and they can reattach it when you come back to the studio — without a charge!

Having been to the studio twice already for a permanent bracelet and the addition of their new anklets, I have to say that I love their brand and their hospitality. I visited the Toronto studio at the Shangri La Hotel and it’s an intimate atmosphere and a beautiful experience. They even have a Vancouver studio at the Pacific Rim hotel.

I spoke with the brand owner Leah about the permanent bracelets trend and how it works.

I’m loving this new trend on permanent bracelets. When did this trend start and how did you incorporate it with the idea of “Spark” studio?
Permanent bracelets first emerged about 3 years ago. We created Spark Studio in the Fall of 2019 after seeing a gap in the industry. We were the second in North America, and the first in Canada to incorporate this idea of permanent jewelry into our brand. Since then, Spark Studio has exploded, with our Spark bracelets quickly becoming our signature. More brands have since caught on over the past year, and the trend is bigger than ever.

Our customers come in to celebrate milestones and special occasions, often best friends, mothers and daughters, and partners. The name Spark Studio comes from Spark Joy, a phrase we coined from the idea that getting sparked brings people together and brings joy!

What kind of maintenance would the gold and silver pieces need?
As the bracelets are solid sterling silver and solid gold, there’s no need to worry about maintenance!

What are the best practices to maintain the shine for a long time?
Again, as we use solid sterling silver and solid gold, the bracelets don’t require much maintenance! If you are noticing the shine gradually dulling down, giving it a quick wipe with a polishing cloth should do the trick!

What should be avoided?
We recommend avoiding wearing any of the gold chains in hot tubs or chlorinated pools, as chlorine can be damaging to the other alloys within the gold, this causing the metal to weaken. Lathering the bracelets in lotions and perfumes can also be harmful to the metals.

What is the most popular piece?
Our Shimmer and Singapore chains in gold are definitely our most popular of the Spark bracelets!

What are some upcoming pieces you’ll be adding to the collection?
There’s a ton to look forward to for future Spark pieces! We’re constantly adding to the chain selection, so we will definitely be releasing new styles soon. I am most excited to introduce Spark anklets, which just launched.

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