What’s Her Secret? Daniela Syrovy, President of Clutch PR

Is there such thing as Super Mom? The realistic answer is no, but there is such thing as a young, successful woman who can bring home the baby, the bacon and everything else in between if you work hard, stay positive and have the world’s best husband.

Daniela Syrovy is the President of ClutchPR, a public relations firm based in Toronto. She has worked with top clients in the film and entertainment industry, and recently gained nation-wide attention for being on the cover of Toronto Life with her husband Tim and three children. Read on and learn Daniela’s secrets to happiness, life, success and style.

Occupation: The Boss, ClutchPR

Astrological sign: Gemini

Favorite guilty pleasure: Chocolate binging while watching the old school TV series The Facts of Life

Favorite song: Too many to decide from, I'm a Gemini after all. Lately I'm digging the song “Fineshrine” by Purity Ring.

Kimberly Lyn: You’ve been running ClutchPR for several years working with people in the film and entertainment industries, and most recently travelled to the Cannes Film International Festival for work. Is your job as glamorous as it sounds?  

Daniela Syrovy: No job is as glamorous as it sounds. I used to own a burger shop and everyone thought it was such a romantic notion – “How cute to have a restaurant on the side,” they would say. It was gruelling work. Film festivals are incredible fun and there are definitely moments of glamour but for the most part we are working pretty hard.

Last year you and your family were featured on the cover and in a story for Toronto Life about power wives and stay-at-home fathers, which received a lot of mixed-response. After reading the piece and seeing people’s reactions, what are your after-thoughts on the experience?

It was a surreal experience. Being a publicist I'm usually on the other side of those things, so on the one hand it was interesting and cool to be pampered and have a professional photo shoot. On the other hand, I strive to get my clients on covers not me! So it was a little strange negotiating my own feelings about it.

In the end I soaked up my 15 minutes of fame. I loved that the article created a conversation, was reprinted in Readers Digest nationally and got people talking about gender roles. The hate mail was also interesting and I welcomed all feedback. Again, it was a little strange to have your life out there like that for people to criticize, but at the end of the day if it strikes a chord with someone (good or bad) then that's what matters. I also felt like I received a lot of positive attention which was nice, but I want the world to know that it's actually my husband who deserves all the credit. They put me front and centre for working and being the breadwinner but he's the one who is managing a household, cooking, cleaning and raising three kids. He's the super hero.

Oftentimes women can be their own worst self-critic. Do you have this problem? How do you combat these feelings?

Definitely. However, as I get older I'm better at telling my inner critic where to go. I combat those feelings with yoga and positive thinking. I also do my best not to compare my version of life/success with other versions. I find a lot of self-criticism comes from coveting other people's lives or their success or trying to keep up with the Jones'. As my husband likes to remind me, “Take care of your own grass; don't worry about other people's lawns.” So going inward and focusing on the good you're doing helps combat all that inner garbage that can sometimes seep in.

Everyone needs a hobby and you recently obtained your teaching certification in yoga. Why yoga and what’s so interesting about it?

Yoga is one of the only times and spaces I feel I have to myself. It's a sanctuary for me. It helps quiet my very active mind and makes me feel normal in a sometimes hectic and crazy world.

What are your favorite go-to pieces in your wardrobe?

I just bought a pair of gold ankle boots from a French designer named Florence Kooijman. And some other pieces I adore which I scored at my secret weapon LAB Consignment; Rag and Bone jeans, Phillip Lim white accordion necklace that I've started to wear with everything and a neon pink Scotch & Soda blouse.

If you could create a recipe for happiness, what would it contain and why?

I'd probably wing my recipe as I do with all my cooking. This recipe would change from moment to moment as life does; let's try massive doses of love and belly laughter, time with friends and family, mindfulness (staying in the present moment), a good book, a dose of fine chocolate and a sprinkling of money.

If you could spend Sunday brunch with a famous person (celebrity or historical figure), who would it be and why?

It would be a toss-up between Cleopatra, Gloria Steinem and Beyoncé©. Can I have them all together for brunch? Cleopatra to hear about all of her conquests and her skilled man trapping ways. Steinem because I love countercultural icons and Bey because she's basically untouchable. 

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