What Is In Your Bag?

We’re always expected to look our best while we rush from meetings to events and back to the office to meet our deadlines. Our purses often carry all our important beauty essentials in order to achieve the look we want, while on the go.

Here’s a peek into the handbags of three 29Secrets’ staffers, our Editor-in Chief Sara Koonar, and interns Natalie Ast and Tasha Zanin. Find out what they can’t live without.


Sara Koonar, Editor-in Chief of 29Secrets.com

Sara K

My Neverful is always full! I am afraid to dig into the depths of my bag to see what lingers beneath my wallet and car keys, says Koonar. As a beauty editor I’m always trying out the products that are sent to our office, like lip glosses, powders and creams. I know a product is great if I can quickly apply it, toss it in my bag and be on my way. I love Sephora‘s mini brush set in the snakeskin case. What is the point of carrying around my makeup if I have nothing to apply it with? This fits in my essential brushes for quick touch ups. Another favourite of mine is Cake’s Lemon Chiffon hand cré¨me. It smells delish and hydrates my dry hands, doing double-duty. You never know when an idea may strike; I get a lot of use out of my red Moleskin notebook from Target. One thing I absolutely can’t live without: my Ray- Bans Clubmasters.  Also in Koonar’s bag: Yes to Tomatoes roller ball Clear Stick, Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara, Bourjois Paris Healthy Balance powder, The Body Shop Dragonfruit Lip Butter, Sephora Baked EyeShadow Trio in Sunset, Givenchy Lip Gloss, iPhone with a (PRODUCT) RED bumper and Stride chewing gum.

Natalie Ast, 29Secrets.com intern

Natalie Ast

I change my bags almost every day, but there are some things that always come along with me, says Ast. My favourite pair of sunnies, a makeup bag and Quo’s oil blotting papers are always in my bag, along with a Marie Antoinette pillbox I bought at Versailles. In my makeup bag, I keep my Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm and the Body Shop’s All-In-One BB cream to keep my skin tone even and hydrated when I’m on the go. I love lipstick and usually carry at least two colours. Today I have a cute light pink from The Body Shop and a ravishing red from Kate Moss’ collection for Rimmel. To finish my look, Bourjois Paris’ healthy balance unifying powder in vanilla (appropriately titled for my pale skin tone!) is the perfect light finishing powder. My purse is usually filled to the brim like Mary Poppin’s, I’m always searching for my Google phone”which is always buried underneath a pile of beauty products!

Tasha Zanin, 29Secrets.com intern

Tasha Zanin

I spend a lot of my day commuting, from home to work, to the gym, to a friend’s place and back again, so often I do my makeup touch-up en route, says Zanin. That means I need to carry a full face of makeup in a small bag. I’ve got my Sephora travel compact that comes with a fold out mirror, tweezers and nail clippers in case of beauty-related emergencies. The Physicians’ Formula Youthful Wear translucent powder to minimize shine on the go, this one also comes with a brush and mirror so everything fits in my purse. Applying mascara in a moving vehicle definitely takes practice, but now that I’ve got it down pat, I carry Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Waterproof mascara, to reapply after the gym or before heading out for a night. I’ve always got a lip product or four in my bag. My latest obsessions are the Givenchy Le Rose Revelateur De Liv Magic Lipstick Lip Colour Revealer. I like this one because it’s a very subtle pink that brings out the natural colour in your lips. But when I need to switch to a more dramatic look, I layer it over my MAC Chromagraphic Lip Pencil in Process Magenta for a bold pink lip. Also in Zanin’s purse: prescription Ray-Ban aviators, iPod Nano and Blackberry Curve.

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