What to Wear to a Destination Wedding

Beachside weddings gain popularity every year. Even if you aren’t the one tying the knot in the Caribbean or another hot-weather location, you’ll still need to put extra effort into planning your wedding day wardrobe so you don’t end up looking sweaty, hot and uncomfortable in every photo.

Keep the weather and style of wedding (generally more casual than banquet hall or church weddings at home) in mind when you’re packing your suitcase and you’ll look flawless on the sand.

Look for:

Light fabrics: Welcome that sea breeze. Thick fabrics will stick to your body and make you hotter than anything. Look for an outfit in light, flowy fabrics that will let the wind pass through and cool you down. Bonus: these look beautiful in photos even when the wind is blowing!

Maxi dresses: Ocean winds are not always friendly with short skirts. Keep this in mind when you’re looking at length. Your safest bet is a maxi dress, which is also cool and comfortable in any situation. They’re the beach equivalent of an evening gown.

Amped up sundresses: If maxi dresses aren’t your thing, you can get away with a cute sundress or brightly coloured shorter dress. You’ll still want to look for a light, flowy fabric, but make sure your skirt isn’t too light “ it should hold its own in the wind. Dress up a solid colour frock with a bright belt and great jewelry.

Comfortable shoes: The beach is no place for sky-high heels. You’ll most likely be walking on sand, so take along shoes you can slip on and off easily “ and that won’t bring all kinds of sand back to your room with you. Metallics and bright colours always pop on the sand.

Sunglasses: Don’t get caught squinting in every photo! Protect your peepers with a good pair of sunglasses. Choose funky frames that match your dress or opt for a more classic shape you won’t mind seeing again and again in wedding photos for years to come.

A hat or hair tie: When the wind comes whipping off the ocean, you don’t want a nice coif to get ruined within minutes, nor do you want your hair in your face during the whole ceremony. Casually tie or clip your hair back. You can achieve the same security and block out that pesky sun with a beautiful sun hat.

And, the most important thing you’ll put on your body before a beachside wedding? Sunblock! Even worse than appearing sweaty and uncomfortable is being that easy-to-spot guest who roasted in the midday Caribbean sun. Lather on some SPF and re-apply if you need to.

[Photo: Alice + Olivia Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection]

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