Wearing Tangerine This Fall

Tangerine was the colour of spring and summer 2012, but can you take it into fall? Yes, of course! (Word to the wise: don’t get caught up on not wearing colours once the seasons change.) But there are a few adjustments you may want to make before bounding out of the house decked out head-to-toe in the tone. To help make the transition easier, we’ve come up with a  few ways you can make tangerine autumn-appropriate, or more specifically, how you can justify having bought so much tangerine in the spring.

1. Lipstick
What’s the first colour most of us think of once autumn hits? Thanks to changing leaves and Halloween, orange. So instead of trading bright lips in for richer colours, embrace the shade as homage to the season. A deeper tangerine can come off as a red, so pair it with darker clothes if you still feel like wearing neutrals “ or wear it in conjunction with warmer tones like rust reds and browns to create that quintessential fall feel.

2. Nail colour
There’s no need to stick to neutrals come fall, so in the spirit of nail art and doing your own thing, opt for nail colour that gives your look a little kick. Tangerine surprisingly works with almost any other colour, so use your nails to anchor the rest of your outfit, or even to help tie in accessories (like tangerine scarves or a bright bag). Remember that bright nails aren’t going anywhere in autumn OR winter, and that accents and embellishments are only becoming more prevalent.

3. Formal-wear
Nobody really wants to dress formally in the summer (especially since putting on anything other than the most loose-fitting dress is usually a nightmare), but fall gives you the perfect opportunity to dress up your tangerine pieces. Pair a dress with black boots or tights, or tie a gold belt around your waist and complement with even more gold accessories. Believe it or not, black and tangerine won’t make you look like a Halloween spokesperson, so don’t shy away from creating dramatic contrast.

4. Jackets
Bright coats never go out of style, especially since once the January blahs hit, grey, black and neutral coats seem relatively bleak. A tangerine coat not only totally embodies the vintage-inspired feel of the last few years, but offers a bright pop of colour come drab rainy days and snow-filled afternoons. A pea coat will keep your ensemble looking sleek, but a leather bomber will also prove timeless. (So in the words of Parks and Recreation, treat-yo-self.)

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