Wearing Rings for Fun and Fashion

Rings can be fashionable, frivolous, or full of meaning. Where you wear your ring on your hand often has special meaning. Rings are worn by women and men and can be made of precious metals such as gold or silver, more sturdy metals such as titanium and steel, wood, stone, glass, plastic, and other materials. Rings often are set with gemstones such as diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald and topaz. Rings may contain earthy stones as the focal point such as opal, moonstone, agate, jasper, or onyx. Rings can be made of almost any material.

History shows that giving and receiving rings dates back over 4,800 years. During the Medieval period rings became popular with both wealthy and poor people wearing rings. It was not until the 14th century that jewels appeared in rings. Rings are often a symbol of feeling from one person to another. This special bond makes the jewelry meaningful and gives sentimental value to the wearer.

With Western culture fashion soon allowed purchasing rings for oneself just because. Fashion has always used jewelry as one of its most important accessories. One can find rings for any finger of the hand, even rings for your toes. 

Rings have always been favored as a special piece of jewelry, particularly in Western cultures when it comes to marriage. A ring associated with marriage signifies marital commitment. Historically in Western culture women traditionally received a ring when married and years later men also received a ring when married.

Left ring finger
The left ring finger signifies Western cultures engagement and wedding ring finger. There are Orthodox Christian countries who use the right ring finger for the wedding ring. 

Right ring finger
In some cultures a ring on the right ring finger means a woman is engaged. 

Claddagh ring
This Irish friendship ring is traditionally used to indicate the romantic availability of a person. When worn on the right hand with the crown pointed out the person is single; when pointed inward the wearer is involved; and can be worn on left ring finger meaning engaged or married.

Watch ring
Fashion dictated the creation of small watches that were set into rings, this retro style finger ring watch has newer fun versions that can be found on eBay.

Costume jewelry rings
Vintage costume jewelry can be cool again since retro always comes back in fashion. If you can’t find original vintage costume rings 1928 Jewelry carries vintage style rings such as butterfly rings, cocktail rings, silver flower rings, and more.

Thumb ring: Worn for fashion originally in Western culture, this ring wearing location can also be a symbol of sexuality, energy, attitudes or beliefs.

Toe ring: In Western culture toe rings are fashion items for decoration, while in other countries such as India they may be worn to show marital status or as a cure for an ailment. Western culture began to incorporate toe rings into fashion when vacationers brought them back from Mexico or Hawaii.


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