The Trendiest Winter Jackets

Are you tired of being a walking jacket? Are you not only drowning in the heaps of snow this winter but also the hunky, frumpy, baggy oversized bundle you call your winter coat? Get rid of that lump of tackiness taking up closet space (burn it if you can) and set out in style with one of these trending winter coats. These jackets are so stylish and form fitting, you won’t want to take them off, even once you get inside! You might have to though, considering how warm they are.

Canada Goose Parka

Famous for their lightweight, down jackets made especially to preserve warmth in arctic climates, Canada Goose parkas are both stylish and functional. The down hood is soft, light and fluffy and the jacket zippers and pockets are heavy duty, meant to last. The slim-fits of these parkas make it a great choice for those who want insulation without looking (or feeling) weighed down. Usually around $700-$800 these parkas may break the bank, but for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in cold temperatures, they’re worth the buck. Choose from various colors, most popular are grey and black, and different styles, from short to long.

Aritzia/TNA Winter Jackets

If the price tag on the Goose is making you sweat, then great, you don’t even need a jacket because you’re warm enough! However, the TNA Parkas at Aritzia may make you change your mind. Priced at around $225-$360, these jackets beat the “brrr” without a hefty price tag. TNA’s sleek styles feature wool cuffs, fleece pockets and a full hood of fluffy fur designed to brave even the fiercest of weather conditions. I personally love the hourglass shape it retains, giving you a tailored, pulled together look every time.

Trendiest Winter Jackets

Mackage Down Coats

Mackage’s chic coat designs boast fashion and functionality. My personal favourite, the KAY-B BLACK DOWN COAT WITH FUR TRIMMED HOOD, retails at $690 and covers the hips for extra warmth. Its trademark is in the unique fur trimmings that swivel around the frame of the face and neck. You’ll look like you just stepped off the runway right into, well, a winter storm. Good luck!

Danier Leather Coats

If you want to fully beat the bulk of winter jackets, why not try a nice, sleek, leather coat instead? Danier has elegant and modern leather coats that include insulation from ThinsulateTM for extra warmth where you need it. Priced around $150 and up, these glossy jackets are great for the working professional that desires a smooth, finished look.

With all these stylish options to choose from, the last thing you should be doing this winter is hiding under a bulky winter jacket. Rain, wind or snow, let the real you shine through. 

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