Top 5 Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2014

You know fall has officially begun when you order your first pumpkin spiced latte and begin the search for your perfect Halloween costume. This year we saw a ton of great movies and TV shows that could inspire some truly iconic costumes. Whether you are looking for something store-bought or are up to the challenge of creating your own costume at home, here are a few ideas we hope will inspire you!
Disney's Frozen
It comes as no surprise that Anna and Elsa costumes will be the most popular costumes of the year for both children and adults. Being so popular these costumes will be easy to find at any Halloween or party store, but be quick because they may sell out. If so, give these DIY tips a try to recreate your favourite Frozen character perfectly. Try searching for a medieval looking dress with a red cape for Anna. This can be easily recreated using a red table cloth draped over your shoulders. For your hair simply braid either your own hair on both sides or purchase a light brown wig. For Elsa, try finding a blue dress or night gown, her hair and pale skin is what makes her character so unique. Try finding a long white wig and simply tie it back in a braid and apply light loose powder to your skin to create a pale look. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
The turtles are back and bigger than ever. These turtles are a top choice for men, women and children this Halloween. With the recent release of the movie and a sequel on the way, the streets will be crawling with the turtles bringing back an old classic and making it fun for the adults who are fans of the original. Didn't find a costume at the store? Try these great DIY tips to create your favourite Ninja Turtle. Firstly, pick your favourite Ninja Turtle, once you have your colour you can begin creating your costume. Get enough fabric to cut out a eye mask a two pieces to tie around both your wrists. Than purchase either green pants or leggings, a long sleep green top and a yellow tank top to wear over it. These items can often be found in either your closet or a friends. Finally you will need a shell which can be purchased at Target, Walmart or Toys R Us, you can also try using a dark green or brown backpack.
Sons Of Anarchy
In its 7th and final season fans who have followed the show since the beginning are starting to fear its inevitable end. This is the perfect time to be your favourite SOA character whether it be female or male, and it's not that hard to be biker dude or chick, I mean I know we all have leather in our closets somewhere. Try these great DIY tips to become a rough and tough biker. Search your closet for anything leather and black. This look is easy to create with an old leather jacket or vest. Simply print out the badging on fabric paper and either sew or glue it on your jacket. For females be sure to wear a lot of black makeup, and red lipstick never hurts. Everyone will know who you are with SAMCRO stitched on your back and they may even stay away in fear. 
Ditch that generic witch costume and go as a fabulous Wicked witch! Finding a witch costume may be one of the easiest ones to find, if not you can also wear your own black dress, bringing along a black cape or blanket to drape over your shoulders. For your makeup it's all about the green face paint, start off by painting your face and hands green, than create a dark smokey eye and red lip making you look as fierce and chic as possible with green skin. Top your look off with an oversized witch hat in black and bring along a Wicked itinerary, people may think you came right from rehearsal.  

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