What’s Her Secret? Tiffany Pratt‏, Designer

They say that one man’s trash is another man’ s treasure and no truer words can this be applied to than HGTV Canada’s hit TV series Buy It Fix It Sell ItThe popular show is in its second season where professional ‘fixers’ head to auction to vie for items, which they then transform and re-purpose into stunning works of art and furniture to turn a profit.

One such ‘fixer’ on the show is Tiffany Pratt, whose background in design and style lends her the magical abilities – and we don’t use that word lightly – to turn ordinary furniture, knick-knacks, and doodads into the extraordinary items that make you say, “I’ve got to have that.”

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Her creativity and talent is as vibrant and captivating as her hair colour, which is why we want to know her secrets to life, style and success.

Astrological sign: Leo

Daytime or night-time: All the time

Glitter or gold: Glitter

Candy or croissants: Chocolate croissants

When you go to auction on the show things can get intense, as if you’re fighting for the heavyweight title. What’s your strategy when you step into the auction ring?

My strategy is always to sleep well, stay focused on the items that excite me and make my heart flutter. Also, I eat a few Kit Kats bars to keep the sugar rolling.

You work in an industry where you constantly have to be creative. However, sometimes people can get stuck when working on a project. How do you keep the creative juices flowing?

I stick with the laws of velocity and flow. If things flow, that is where I go. If a project gets sticky I know that I need to take a new direction and massage it a little for a better result. Creativity cannot be forced – it is an ocean so you gotta flow with it and enjoy the ride.

Can you share three easy steps people can do to spice up and spruce up their homes?

  1. Clean up and cull your entire space and only fill it with things you need and items you LOVE.
  2. A fresh coat of paint on the walls of your home can be an easy and effective way to re-inspire a space and make things feel new again.
  3. Focus on creating beauty at every turn. Treat every corner of your home with love and care and attention. Make every space feel like its own world and take your time doing so. The results are magical, creative, and one-of-a kind.

Finish this sentence: I want women around the world to ___________.

Love themselves, be at peace and glitter on the inside.

What are three things in your wardrobe you cannot live without and why?

Currently my line of canvas clothes are my go-to items. I made a dress, tunic, and vest for women who want to look stylish while they create and hustle so I am rotating through these items all the time. As well, I have a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans that I live in and my new Hermes scarf (an instant outfit elevator).

If you could create a recipe for happiness, what would it contain and why?

My recipe for happiness would be: Do what feels natural to you and be unapologetic about being authentically YOURSELF. GO where you GLOW and share your light. Serve the world doing something that excites you and stay at peace in your own heart. Make every step you take a miracle in some way. Be a rainbow. WHY? Because being real, honest, and true to one’s self and purpose is a good way to travel the earth and enjoy this life. HUGE LOVE!

Name one famous person (celebrity or historical figure) whose home you would jump at the chance to design and why?

I would rock Frida Kahlo’s world pretty hard. I could have brought her artistic sensibilities and love of colour to her living quarters and made her space feel like her paintings came to life. I also think I could keep her organized. As well as, Marilyn Monroe; I would dream to create a luxurious ultra-lady space for her in an old Hollywood style home. Textures! Fabrics! WOW!

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