Style: Spring’s Erogenous Zones

In basic terms, an erogenous zone is a part of the body that has become sexualized. There isn’t just one arousing area but rather many of them and their magnitudes change or ‘shift’ through time and culture. Shifting of erogenous zones is a topic that fashion theorists and enthusiasts continue to find stimulating, particularly how these zones were created. Is it society’s fluctuating interest in different body parts or is it fashion designers’ attention to these regions that changes society’s preferences? No matter the origin, we certainly can feel their erotic presence in the fashion industry.

Remember a few summers back when the upper midriff was the tantalizing spot and crop tops were everything. Or go even further back to the worship of the booty and the desire to accentuate this frame, some even taking surgical measures. Or what about in the ‘50s when the spotlight was on breasts and the corseted body; a stark difference compared to today’s more androgynous fashion ideal.

Ever since the awesomeness of winter hit, the idea of skin exposure and body-conscious clothing is far from our minds. If there’s anything to be desired it’s layers upon layers of bulky knits showing no trace of a figure. However, with the upcoming warm weather, we believe erogenous zones will emerge from hibernation too. Three, to be specific. Each piquing sexual interest in their own stylish way. 


Unsurprisingly, French fashion house Cé©line impressed us with their innovative designs for spring. Unlike many cut-outs we’ve seen before, Cé©line’s creative director Phoebe Philo decided to brilliantly place her peekaboos on the hips. A bold move, slightly reminiscent (but a much classier version) of Julia Robert’s working dress in Pretty Woman. The beauty of the hip window is that it can be applied to the most conservative tops: oversized, long-sleeved or even turtlenecks. Remember, erogenous zones are all about the balance between revealing and concealing.


The tank top has always been a staple in our spring wardrobe. Utilitarian and classic, it’s a perfect choice when the weather starts to get steamy. But this season, the armholes of tanks and tunics are growing to larger levels. The proportions are so big that they expose that lower-underam area—you know the one that’s never seen the light of day? This extra inch of skin is all that’s needed to create intrigue. 

Upper thighs

With high-end labels like Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton reintroducing miniskirts in their SS15 collections, we’re pretty sure this brave bottom will be surrounding us in spring. Just like the swinging ‘60s, these miniskirts exhibit the upper thigh in an undeniably sensual way. But you don’t have to wear the mini with bare skin; pantyhose will look pretty on those cool mornings. If hosiery rubs you the wrong way try a longer skirt with a strip of see-through around the thigh. Versace applies this transparent line to several skirts and dresses for the season, giving a go-go like feel. And don’t stop at minis, short-shorts are another way of highlighting that soft, suggestive thigh.

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