Spring Staples Your Closet Needs

Spring has officially sprung, and even if the temperature isn't quite reflecting that just yet, the mall certainly is. If you're anything like me, you've probably been perusing spring collections online since mid-February, while snow fell outside.

The change of season always makes me want to buy all of the things, and while I usually allot part of my budget to trend pieces”because, why not?”I try to make a point to pick up at least one classic piece that I can keep for years to come. And whether or not you've got a small or large (lucky you) budget, these key pieces are available at every price point!

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Trench coat

If Burberry is just a teensy bit out of your price range, this ZARA Bell Sleeve Trench Coat ($119) might be worth a try. Also, the slightly over-sized fit of this one just gives me John Cusack “Say Anything” vibes. (A total plus, obviously.)

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