Spring 2011 Fashion: All You Need to Know

Despite what May’s temperament would have us believe, spring has arrived, and it’s safe to bring out those can’t wait to wear pieces you picked up in winter. But while January’s must-haves now seem overshadowed by April top 10 lists, the season’s trends aren’t as fickle as we may think. So to put your mind at ease, we’ve come up with a simple set of rules to keep in mind while embracing spring and summer.

The same rules apply. True, we’ve seen the rise of pajama wear, neon, 70s fashion and ankle-length florals, but while you may think that 2011 is defined by a whole lot of don’t, the same standard fashion rules apply to a season defined by eccentricities. Outfits still require balance (read: no baggy pants with a baggy, unbelted shirt), colour blocking still requires an anchor (stick with a theme, or don a neutral) and less is more (no prints, with prints, with prints and prints, please). Unless you’re talking about skirt length and t-shirt material “ more fabric isn’t always a bad thing.

Dress up, don’t play dress up”. The beauty of the spring 2011 landscape is that several decades maintain an influence, and grandiose statements are not to be shied away from. However, with such an emphasis on the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, it can be easy to date yourself (or to look like an extra on Mad Men/Cold Case/Reality Bites), so to keep vintage aesthetics looking modern and fresh, add a piece from the 2011 circuit (like cut-out boots, bright colour or a denim jacket), and take pride in dressing up “ not playing dress-up. 

Eclecticism reigns supreme. Gone are the days of wasp fashion, or super-preppy go-to looks. And thanks to the combination of street style with runway highlights, spring 2011 has been defined by its original takes on seasonal staples, with the importance of personal interpretation being stressed. Think of this spring as an adventure in shopping: while you may like a store or a designer, it’s safe to assume that you’ll only buy specific pieces, and infuse several items together to create an outfit that’s uniquely you.

Take risks. Eclecticism is not synonymous with boring, and while you may have a comfort zone defined by skinny jeans, oxford shoes or button-up dress shirts (don’t we all?), spring 2011 calls for the embracement of risks and the celebration of change. Do you have to go out and buy a new wardrobe? Absolutely not. But if you’ve committed to the same aesthetic for the past four seasons, you may want to invest in a new jacket, new boots or even some colour, just to keep your version of springtime clothes fresh and interesting.

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