Ski Fashion Shopping Guide

Think it’s impossible to look stylish on the slopes? Think again. With shows like Peak Season flaunting the best in outdoor fashion, the days of bulky, masculine or embarrassing snowsuits are long gone. Here’s how to embrace your fashionable self while hitting the slopes this season:

1) Embrace Colour

Now that ski and snowboard culture have gone mainstream, you can rest assured that feminine ski fashions are readily available.  Coats, snow pants, boots and accessories are available in all sorts of girly hues (think pinks and purples), while brands like Roxy have made their hats, gloves and snowboards distinctively female.  If you want to avoid the snow bunny stigma, pair a neutral-coloured coat with a vibrant knitted toque and printed gloves, or a pastel jacket with black accessories.  Just because you’re doing a winter workout doesn’t mean you have to push style to the back of your mind.

2) Consider Investment Pieces

These days, most fashion trends can be had at discount prices. But skiwear is a different story”keeping warm and feeling mobile the key to both a successful technique and proper health and safety. Therefore, it’s not completely outrageous to shell out a little extra for a warm and practical coat. Just like you would justify any staple piece, investing in a proper coat will guarantee longevity and stability, as well as prevent you from getting chilled. The upside is that companies like North Face and Volcom have designed outwear that’s both flattering and practical”so say goodbye to boxy, shapeless parkas, and hello to a flattering, fitted coat.

3) Get Real

While it’s tempting to put an ultra-feminine spin on a sport that’s not known for its fashion savvy, remember that skiing is still a sport”and as such, should be taken seriously. While you can embrace your inner fashionista with fun colours and accessories, compromising your health or safety by putting fashion over function can be both embarrassing and dangerous.  Head-to-toe pink will only conjure up negative stereotypes, and faux fur in excess will leave you looking like last decade’s Barbie.  Practicality can still be fun, and if you invest in the proper attire and stay warm and mobile with the right accessories, the slopes will be your personal runway before you know it.


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