Six tips for buying and wearing new rain boots

Rain boots have evolved from clunky, unattractive, and cheap-looking to style statements in themselves, perfect for erratic fall weather. While it wouldn’t be recommended to wear them with a strapless evening gown or sleek pencil skirt, there are many cute, casual, and fun ways to turn drizzly weather into a fashionable moment.

  1. Be aware: Rain boots (also known as Wellingtons) are available in everything from basic brown to crazy designs featuring hearts, rainbows, colourful stripes, florals and neon shades. Autumn’s leopard and zebra prints have even managed to make their way onto them! Are you daring enough to draw all your attention to your feet? If so, an exciting psychedelic pair may be for you, but be careful how you accessorize your boots with your outfit and jewellery. When in doubt, a chic solid black pair looks fantastic with everything.

  2. Be classy: Avoid pairing these boots with bottoms which are bulky (for example, trendy harem pants, your favourite sweats, or wide-leg jeans are not recommended). As the thick sole and rubber material already make the boot itself quite heavy, skinny jeans, leggings, or perhaps tights with a sweater dress are your best friends when it comes to this look. Complete the funky fall vibe with a trench coat, shirtdress or brightly coloured scarf.

  3. Be detail-oriented: Rain boots for this season come complete with shearling lining, buckles, a glossy finish and Doc Martens-style laces, to name a few styles. They are edgy, fashion-forward, versatile, and most importantly- they’re comfortable!

  4. Be budget conscious: From the $20 pair at your local Wal-Mart to the higher-end Tretorn, Burberry, and Hunter wellies (the Jimmy Choos of the rain boot world!) which are often spotted on celebrities, there’s truly a boot for every woman out there on every type of budget.

  5. Be yourself: We all have days when we just feel like jumping into puddles and capturing the spirit of childhood again. Can you do this in your rain boots? If water leaks through the soles of the brand-new wellies which you just spent half a paycheque on, then maybe they’re not really as good-quality as the price tag indicated. Look for a pair which is not only stylish, but will also be long-lasting, weatherproof, and well-fitting.

  6. Be determined: It may take a while, but there’s a pair out there that fit you perfectly, and they’re bound to make a splash!


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