Saks Fifth Avenue Canada Releases Short Documentary Ahead of Toronto Store Opening

It’s Tuesday, it’s snowing, and most of us are sitting at our computers wondering where it all went wrong. (Translation: why do we live here in Canada and not in a country defined by perpetual autumn?) Well guess what: Saks Fifth Avenue Canada is offering us a reprieve from our own lives with the release of #saksuTOpia, a short documentary about the tastemakers (#tastemakers) who live in Toronto and embody the ~*Saks lifestyle~*

Spoiler: I am not in the film, shocking as it may be.


As you  may or may not know, Saks will arrive in Toronto on February 18 and February 25 with the opening of its Eaton Centre and Sherway Gardens stores, respectively, namely because — as mentioned by Emily Essner, SVP of Marketing & Business Operations — Toronto is “the perfect city to introduce the Saks brand into the Canadian luxury landscape.” So there.

As for the who the tastemakers are? Nazem Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs, painter Samara Shuter, designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, Beckerman Blog’s Sam and Cailli Beckerman, Instagram artist Irving D, ballet dancer Sonia Rodriguez, and chef Rob Gentille. Whew.

But while you can watch the YouTube clip, you can also check out what the tastemakers (drink every time I say that word every time you guys) are all about by checking out this post, and you can follow the hashtag #sakeuTOpia if you truly can’t get enough.

In the meantime, also, maybe start thinking about what you intend on buying when you hit up Saks Fifth Avenue when it finally gets here. Me, I don’t know because I’m on a bit of a budget and I just ate chocolate cake for breakfast because clearly I’ve got my life under control (aka don’t listen to me), but if I were you, I’d treat myself because it’ll be two weeks after Galentine’s Day and as we all know, that’s a day for celebrating the wonder of you and your best pals.

I mean, we can be tastemakers. Just for one day.

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