Ross Mathews Gives Us the Lowdown on What He’s Buying Celebs this Xmas

Ross Mathews made a special appearance at Target in Toronto this week to help kick off the holiday shopping season. We stole a few moments of his time to chat about his own holiday shopping, and since he's so well-connected, what he'd buy some of our favourite A-listers this season. 

29Secrets: What are the holidays like at your house?

Ross: Pretty festive, I am holly jolly. I’m “ho-jo” to the max! I have Christmas music playing non-stop since just before Thanksgiving which I think is an appropriate time. I sing all day, every day, and I cook a lot. The house should smell like food during the holidays. 

29: Who are the hardest people to shop for on your list?

Ross: The hardest, well there’s four really hard ones. My partner Salvador is very difficult, because he’s a wardrobe stylist and picky. And then my three dogs, because they are as important to me than anything else in the world and I want to get them something very special, but what do you get an 8-pound maltipoo?

29: I’ll name some celebrities and you’re going to tell me what you'd buy them for the holidays. Okay?

Ross: Ok, that’s fun!

29: Taylor Swift

Ross: Mhm, I would buy her one of those boyfriend dolls.

29: Kim Kardashian

Ross: A compass. North West, right?

29: Oprah

Ross: A telephone number with only my number programmed in it.

29: Jennifer Lawrence

Ross: Oh God, what would I buy Jennifer Lawrence? I just like her so much. So maybe I would just get her slippers. Slippers, so she won’t trip so much, or maybe a pillow so if she falls, it can break her fall.

29: Blue Ivy

Ross: Omg, these are hard. What would I get Blue Ivy? You know what I would get her, Destiny’s Child Best of CD, so she can kick it old school like I like to.

Sara: Nick Jonas

Ross: Anything he wanted. Whatever package he wants to unwrap he can have at it. 

29: Since you’re in Canada, which of the following Canadian celebrities would you most like to spend the day with? Ryan Gosling, Drake or Celine Dion?

Ross: Omg, that’s impossible! I was going to say Ryan Gosling, because duh! And then I was going to say Drake, because I loved him so much when he hosted Saturday Night Live, but I’m going to have to say Celine. I have to say Celine Dion, because I would just think about the stories I can tell at dinner parties for the rest of my life. 

29: If you could kiss any celebrity under the mistletoe.

Ross: Um, well my legal name I’ve changed it, is Ross Matthews – Timberlake. So I think that answers that question.

29: Are you going to buy anything at Target today?

Ross: I already did. I already bought some Christmas gifts for my partner Salvador. I won't tell you what, because he might read it, but it is from the Beaver Canoe collection that’s only available here at Target in Canada.

[Photo credit: Sam Santos/George Pimentel Photography]

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